February 20, 2020

Yes, "Make America Great Again" is a Nazis Slogan and everyone knows it.

February 20th, on this day in 1939, 20,000 people celebrated George Washington's birthday at Madison Square Garden in New York.  It was sponsored by the German American Bund party; yes, the US Nazi party.  During this event they sang happy birthday to George Washington to start and then spent the rest of the evening honoring Adolf Hitler.  That's right, the Right Wing nut who not only tried to "Make Germany Great Again" by killing millions of Jews, but also wrote a book that our current president, Donald Trump, once said he "respects as a leader."   Who the f&*k respects Hitler on any level?...  That's right, the current Nazis leader himself:  Donald Trump.  No shit.  

German American Bund parade in New York City on East 86th St. on October 30, 1939.
Library of Congress

Nearly 1,000 uniformed men wearing swastika arm bands and carrying Nazi banners parade past a reviewing stand in New Jersey on July 18, 1937. The New Jersey division of the German-American Bund opened its 100-acre Camp Nordland at Sussex Hills. Dr. Salvatore Caridi of Union City, spokesman for a group of Italian-American Fascists attending as guests, addressed the bund members as "Nazi Friends."
Where did it all begin you ask?  It began in May 1933 when Nazi Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess gave German immigrant and German Nazi Party member Heinz Spanknöbel authority to form an American Nazi organization.  It wasn't too long after that that we had the American Nazis slogan which was:

America First

That's right, America First, which Donald Trump admits gave him the idea for Make America Great Again.  

Why don't they just come out and admit they are Neo Nazis?   Everyone knows they are.  

Oh, did I mention the slogan they chanted this day in 1939 for George Washington's birthday?  

Here it is:

"Frank D Rosenfeld"  (making fun of Franklin D Roosevelt), and his "Jew Deal."  

"Frank D Rosenfeld" = "Look Her Up"

Repeat together and you see in 80 years they are still as large as ever, they only had to shake the "Nazis" name.  

Yes, "Make America Great Again" is a Nazis Slogan and everyone knows it.

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Thanks For Being!