Protect The Rich At All Cost

So for the last four days the stocks are crashing and the rich are getting a taste of their version of stagnant wages.  That's right, Sir Donald Trump is telling us how great the economy is but we know it isn't; okay, so what, we have a decent job, but we are paying high medical deductibles, high tollway tolls (a tax on us while the wealthy bastards make a bundle on our commute, another benefit to cutting their taxes which would have paid for public highways), and our wages have the same purchasing power as they did forty years ago. 

Did you know that the Republican Party was born on this day (February 28) in 1854.   A group of abolitionists, Free Soldiers and former Democrats and Whigs met in a church in Ripon, Wisconsin, to join forces in fighting the extension of slavery into American territories.  

Here's my prediction, the Republican Party dies on this day too because average ESPN Distracted Dude, and Food Channel Foodie Mom who have voted Republican all their lives are waking up to the Republican's Protect The Rich At All Cost plan.  

It really is this simple.

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