February 29, 2020

It's Leap Year and "Trump Hates the CDC," smells fishy to me.

Leap Day, the 29th of February.  Did you know that the last day of February in a leap year is known as the day on which tradition may be reversed and women are permitted to propose marriage to their hesitant lovers.  The originator of this is reputed to be the Irish St Bridget, who complained to St Patrick that women were often forced to wait too long for reluctant men to pop the question.  As a result, Patrick granted the opportunity once every four years for women to take the initiative.   In the great year of our lord, 1288, a Scottish law was enacted that made it a fine for men who refused such proposals.  

I'm sure you all know about the Corona virus and how it is spreading throughout the world.  If you read the papers you'll seen President Trump is clueless about the seriousness of this epidemic.  The other day he called it "The Flu" and said it would be gone by summer.  Experts (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC) are saying something different, they are saying we don't know yet!  

Now some will have you believe that Donald Trump is an enemy of the CDC because he has called all government organizations "part of the deep state."  Well, I have to argue in defense of Trump on this one because if he didn't believe in the importance of the CDC why would he have allowed them to research the odor of a woman's vagina to see why it smells like a fish on his watch?

Never mind.
~~ Radical Sam

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!