October 30, 2019

For me to vote for Trump, all he has to do is....

Rush Limbaugh calming the waters with... Hate!

Ok, so I woke last night with this frightful thought -- just in time for Halloween too -- I'm not seeing the Buddha potential in Donald Trump.  Why is this?

Well, being a mature gentleman who was born in the fifties, I'll tell you when and where it started: Rush Limbaugh.  That's right, before that evil man started calling people like me "scum" because we believed in things like, equal rights for all, healthcare for all, equal pay for woman, public education, etc..  most Republicans stuck to the issues.  Go back to Barry Goldwater, a true conservative who stated his case without calling those who disagreed with him hateful names such as "Fema-Nazis" or "Ozone Man."  No, Goldwater showed how less government was better and people should have the right to live where and how they want -- sounds like a real Flaming Liberal by today's Trumpist leaders who have made the government bigger and more expensive than ever and have turned a blind eye to our rights to “less government.”  In other words, More Government when they are in charge, Less when we are.  

The last of the great Conservatives!

So, this morning I woke up and realized I have been giving Trump and the Republicans the "Limbaugh" treatment and that's not fair.  I mean, in my Buddhist faith I am suppose to see the Buddha in everyone, even Trump.  And so, this morning I want to tell you about what it would take for me to vote for Trump -- it's less than you think really, I mean, the guy doesn't have morals or scruples and so, probably could be swayed if it would win him the presidency.  Conversely, doing these things would be less stressful than WORKING WITH THE ENEMY TO GET TRASH ON YOUR POLITICAL OPPONENTS.


So, here are the things it would take for me to vote for Donald Trump.

1.  Stop tweeting conspiracy things with no facts; you know, things like you would read here on

2.  Be true to his promise to make health-care AFFORDABLE for all.  

3.  Admit cutting taxes for his “peeps” has done nothing to improve the economy, and in fact, has increased the national debt

4.  Give up on the wall, continue to be strong on illegal immigration by increasing guards on the broader. 

That’s all...   Call me Barry Goldwater, but seems doing these four things is a whole lot easier than working with foreigners to get poop on the Bidens, which, by the way, would never get my vote. 

~~ eso terry 

Closed For Business Until Further Notice Due To Wars

 I'm taking a war break: Remember, which ever side you're on, sides suck.  ~~ Eso Terry 

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!