December 30, 2018

The Power Faiths Today.

The late Theodore Parker is said to have replied to a Calvinist who sought to convert him: "The difference between us is simple: your god is my devil."

And so is my dilemma.  I am no longer a Christian.  Having never been a Muslim, Mormon, Later-day Saint, etc., I don't hold them responsible for pushing lies on me like I do the Christians and so write a lot about the Christians, but the other Power Religions are no better.   Truth is, however,  if the Christian church would have remained the Buddhist like religion it once was that said things like, "Politics is below us, we answer to a higher power," I might still be converting souls for them.  As it is, they did show their true colors when they became a political party telling it's followers to support Wars, which,  even the Fictional Jesus they created would have disproved of.    

So for those of you who are Christians and read my blog, now you know why I so often point out the problems with your faith.  Your faith is the bad-parent faith that raised me and so now I have cut them out of my life after years of therapy, and is my therapy.

A couple nights ago I woke up and saw the planet Venus.  It was a weird night in Dallas where there wasn't a cloud in the sky and so the planet sparked like the giant "Morning Star" she was believed to be back in the mythical writing days.  "Is that the star the three kings were suppose to have followed," I asked, more importantly, "Who the fuck were the three kings, and why were they used in the Jesus myth?"

So I pulled a David Wilcocks and I went to the internet for facts, and I found a lot of explanations of how there was a Super Nova around the year 12 BC.  Which is fine, except for one thing, the story is bullshit.  There probably wasn't a Jesus and the story that we first really start seeing written anywhere other than the fictional bible starts around 300 AD when pagan kings started using the Christian God in battle and when he gave their victories, voilà, the Loving Savior!

"I read it on the internet, it has to be true!"

To put this in perspective, when I was a Christian, I was taught that the Muslim god Mohammad, was a phony, made to bring the people together to defy Christians.  Yes, no shit, that's what they believe.  The more radical Christians believe Satan led Mohammad to build his faith.  Of course, the radical Muslims believe Christians are the Great Satan, and so we have a vibrant War Profit Machine in the USA, and loonies with bombs strapped to their ass in the Middle East.  

So let's look at early religion before it became the big war-profiting political party it is today -- and unfortunately has been since Christianity and Islam became the faith of the masses.  Before that, god was the sun.  The giver of light, who occasionally got pissed and made things dark.  The people would gather in their caves and huts and sing hymns until the sun came back out and then called it a miracle.  From the start, I imagine, there were a few who said, "This is bull shit."  And what did they do with that knowledge?   You got it, used it to their advantage.  This hasn't changed from the television evangelists asking for money to the politicians claiming they believe in Jesus when by the very fact that they are politicians condemns them to the hell Jesus spoke of.  True is: they don't really believe but know you do and so use it for power.  

Gregory the Great wrote to his missionary in Britain, the Abbot Mellitus, second Bishop of Canterbury, that 'whereas the people were accustomed to sacrifice many oxen in honor of demons, let them celebrate a religious and solemn festival, and not slay the animals to the devil (diabolo), but to be eaten by themselves to the glory of God.  

This, my brothers and sister, is the Power Faiths of today.  You know them by their deeds.  

 ~~ Eso Terry Joe

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 I'm taking a war break: Remember, which ever side you're on, sides suck.  ~~ Eso Terry 

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!