October 2, 2018

This day was Justice Thurgood Marshall’s beginning.

The story of the Passion of the Savior, has something about it that I don't like. Read it through, I mean really read it, and you'll see there is an insipid element in it.  It's this business of the two theieves.  Wonderful how the three crosses stand next to each other on the Mount!  But they why this tract-like story about the honest thief!  First he was a criminal and had committed evil deeds, God knows what, and now he melts and takes part in tearful scenes of sorrow and repentance!  What sense is there, I ask you, in such repentance when he is only two steps away from the grave?  It’s nothing but one of your pious moral tales, sugary and unconvincing, helped down with the grease of sentimentality and an edifying background.  If you had to choose one of the two thieves today for a friend or consider which of the two you would prefer to trust, it certainly wouldn’t be the sniveling convert.  No, the other is the man and has real character.  He despises a conversion which for a man in his position can only be a pretty speech, and pursues his own way to the end; he does not forswear the Devil who must have aided and abetted him at the eleventh hour.  He has character in the Bible.  Perhaps he was a descendant of Cain’s.  Don’t you agree?

I know, it’s the old story, as long as you don’t take the thing seriously.  But threre’s something I would like to tell you: we are here darling with one of the places where one is very conscious of the weakness of this religion.  The point is that this God of both the Old and New Testaments is a wonderful figure but not what he purports to represent.  He is all that is good, noble, he is the fatherly, the beautiful, the most high, the sentimental — all right!  But the world consists also of other things which are merely ascribed to the Devil.  And that half-section of the world is suppressed; it is never mentioned.  It’s is the same as the way they celebrate God as the father of all life but the whole of sex-life which is the basis of life itself they are silent about, or indeed, whenever possible describe it as sinful and the work of the Devil.  I have no objection to people honoring this God Jehovah, far from it.  But I consider that we should sanctify and honor everything, the whole world, not merely this artificially separated, official half.  Therefore alongside the divine service should be a Devil’s service; that in my view would be right and proper.  Otherwise you must create a God for yourself who embraces the Devil in himself and before whom you don’t have to drop your eyes in shame when the most natural things in the world take place. 

I know some of you are having thoughts you can not process from what I’ve just written.  If that is so you must know that you too have not lived so far according to your own conception of life, and that is not a good thing.  Only the ideas that we really live have any value.  You have known that your “permitted” world was only half of the world and you have tried to subjugate the second half after the manner of the priests and teachers.  It will not be to your benefit. That is to say, it benefits no one once they have begun to think....

I’ll end it here with a message to Brett Kavanaugh:  “Thou shalt certainly not kill — nor rape and kill girls. 

Speaking of which, today is the anniversary that our first non-white male judge was appointed to the bench in 1967.  It was Justice Thurgood Marshall.  Funny how far we’ve come.  Today, Marshall would be the poster child for Fox News’ “Everything Wrong With American” talking points.  Funny, that on this historic day, we are considering the most outright, right-wing justice ever in Brett Kavanaugh.  Maybe this is a turning point.  On Thurgood Marshall being placed on the bench, a man of color, the conservative world went nuts and started taking over every office from school boards to governorship to publi TV.  Maybe with the outright nuts of appointing a operative Republican to the bench, we can now start bringing the United States back to the center before if falls off the cliff of despotism. 

~ Demian Sinclair

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!