October 4, 2018

Good Riddance Judge Karma Kavanaugh.

Still don't believe in karma boys and girls?  

How about this one.  The guy being considered for the supreme court this month, yes, Brett Kavanaugh, really seems to be dealing with some karma. 

In a quick recap, the guy was born privileged, went to Yale, and so, yes, he pulled himself up from his bootstraps like the rest of the wealthy bastards -- at least, that's what they want you to believe.  Inside they know the truth.  

Kavanaugh drank too much as a youth.   Okay, so what, so did I and a lot of us.  He also drunkenly forced himself on a woman... that's where I think most of us bow out.   No matter how drunk I got, that wasn't going to happen.  I might say some screwed up things, you know, lie about maybe have gone to Yale, but I didn't put my hands on her mouth and humped her while another rich friend laughed.  

So now, all of this has come out in the hearings to appoint this guy to the highest judgeship in the land, and you know what, it doesn't matter.  That's not his issue.  His issue is that while being pissed off for having to answer questions about his past indiscretions, Kavanaugh went conspiracy wacko on us by saying it was the "Clintons" who were doing this to him.  

Now, this is where the karma comes in.  If you remember, president Bill Clinton was impeached for having gotten a blow-job by an intern while in the White House.  Most of us didn't care, and I'll admit, we probably should have.  I mean, it was consensual, but as the metoo# movement has showed us, she might of sucked the presidential penis out of fear of retaliation.  So, in hindsight, the impeachment was a good thing.  

Clinton and his Victim

The attorney prosecuting Clinton on this was helped by the young, Brett Kavanaugh who gave him the questions to ask President Clinton.  One of the questions was about phone sex.  And, of course, this really did help destroy President Clinton -- which, for the record doesn't matter because he was a Democrat in Republican clothing and so, good riddance ....  

back to this story:  so, Brett Kavanaugh made his mark in the prosecuting of the Bill Clinton blow job.  And this fact alone, elevated Kavanaugh to a cush job in the George Bush White House, which ultimately allowed Brett Kavanaugh to be up for this appointment for the supreme court.  Yes, Kavanaugh's personal insight to abusing woman helped him impeach Clinton, and ultimately, elevated him to this opportunity.  Nothing else.  Not his wealthy, rich boy schooling or high brow family connections.  And, since it is football season, let me put it to you this way, Kavanaugh just scored a touch down, but it is because one of his linemen held a would-be tackler and without this foul, Kavanaugh would have been sacked a long time ago. 

Kavanaugh yelled in the trial:  "It is because of the Clintons!"  And the truth is, "No, it is because of your privileged class!" you haven't earned shit.   You've done evil to get where you are, and evil is bringing you down. 

Good Riddance Judge Karma Kavanaugh. 

~Dr. TV Boogie

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