I spoke to God this morning and he wants me to say a few things about the current world.  First, for those who think they speak for him... you don't.  No one does, not even this blogger.   The reason is I have never identified myself to any of you.  Not a single one.  Not even this blogger.  For me to identify myself is like asking dirt or sun-raze to explain their selves: can't be done.  Think about it this way; you build a chair.  Can you talk to that chair?  No.  Can that chair talk to you?  No.  The only thing you can do with that chair is sit on it, or admire it, if it breaks, use it for firewood.  You are that chair I created.  So stop thinking yourself more.  

The other thing I wanted to say to you is...  nah, nothing else to say.  I'll return you to Demian.    

~ ESO Terry 


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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!