August 19, 2018

I am. Period.

 O, raise up thine eyes to eternal sky

In thy bondage strike out to be free

Hush the whispering voice of the infinite why

With "I am and I was and I ever will be."

So, what is being said here?  Easy, you are what you think.  Period.  Call it Positive Thinking, Mind Control, or The Secret, whatever you like!  Our lives come down to three phrases: I am, I was, I ever will be, and in the end you will be what you think you should be.  Simply put: nothing is impossible for the Conscious Mind, for the Conscious Mind controls the Subconscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind is all-powerful. 

Wow.  WTF.   Why go to church when you can read it here?

Every condition, circumstance, and manifestation of your life can be changed to suit your conscious desires.  The way is to "Know that fear is your enemy."

So, let's do away with the fear.  The fear of everything.  We will start by letting go of the notions we have about who we are, where we live, where we were born, what we have done, etc.  Forget all that, and instead meditate on I am a pure spirit cast into a human mold as a manifestation of divine intelligence, existing this little while on earth to help carry on the divine plan.  Being "pure spirit" we are part of the only intelligence there is, and all the power and understanding of this intelligence are ours to draw upon.

The Universal Mind that flows through us all knows no limitations and gives of itself according to need.  It is creating for us right now by reading these words and just, being.

Being "pure spirit," we are a part of God, a manifestation of the infinite.  In our earthy form we undergo a sense of isolation and personal responsibility which causes us doubt.  The doubt is from forcing on an existence instead of accepting an existence.  How do we "accept" this existence?  Simple, by stating, "I am" -- or "je suis" if you prefer a more poetic sounding call of arms.

I am.  



On this day in ancient Rome, the ripening of the grapes and beginning of the wine-making season was celebrated with an agricultural festival known as the Vinalia Rustica.  The first greapes were broken off and offered to Jupiter and Venus.   

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!