August 17, 2018

Find your personal Jesus, go inward lad.

a message from my spirit guide 

New Testament texts took centuries to write.  They were chosen amid an ongoing conflict between those who believed the orthodox texts represented Jesus' words and deeds, and the Gnostic Christians who believed that the orthodox writings had an inferior understanding of the true knowledge the Christ.

And so here's where the story begins.  Emperor Theodosius in A.D. 381 desired to condemn all versions of pagan and Gnostic belief, and so issued an order that only those bishops who would sincerely confess their belief in the equal divinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and condemn all others, would return to their churches.  When this didn't work, Emperor Theodosius turned to brutality and extreme measures to eradicate the heresies of paganism, Gnosticism, and other spiritual beliefs and practices he thought undermined orthodox Christian beliefs.  His representatives traveled through Asia Minor, Egypt, and Syria to destroy temples and disband unorthodox religious groups.  The persecution drove some unorthodox groups underground and obliterated others, but accusations of heresy among groups of Gnostic Christians and pagans persisted.  Simply stated: If one didn't past the Holy Trinity Test, they didn't work or share into any of the community harvest.  Eventually they would be called heretics, witches, and devils.  Some of us hid alone for safety, others formed groups in caves, but most, pretended to believe.   We knew it was a lie.  We told our children the truth and the reason for acting; eventually, however, our grandchildren and great, grandchildren stopped passing down the truth of how the orthodox church stole our truth.   Fortunately, in our hearts we knew the truth.   And today, as the Catholic Priest are exposed for their perverted acts on children, and the Protestant faith are exposed for their hate in hypocrisy, we will find a way to return.  

Find your real Jesus today.  Go inwards, lad, go inwards. 

                                                                                                                              --Dr. T V Boogie


  This day marks the first of the nine days that Odin, the chief Aesir sky god, hung from the World Tree (Yggdrasil) in order to discover the meaning of the runes.  In ancient Rome, the festival of Diana, beloved goddess of the Moon, chastity, and hunting, was celebrated with feasting, mirth, and magic making. 



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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!