And you thought Obamacare was bad.

In Romania today offerings are made to the Blajini, or "kindly ones."  In folklore they lived in the wilderness, on the shores where all the rivers meet, and lived under the shade of the trees.  They lived on wild fruits, and met their women once a year to share fun and laughter before returning to their devotions.

These kindly, priests, shaman, devotees or whatever you prefer to call them, are remembered as "spirits of the water," and are deemed to be beneficent if given the proper respect.


Hammurabi's Code
Three thousand seven hundred years ago the king of Babylonia, Hammurabi, set down in law the rates dictated by the gods for medical services:

     If with his bronze lancet the physician cureth a man of a serious wound or an eye abscess, ten silver shekels shall he receive.
     If the patient be the slave of someone, two silver shekels shall his owner give the physician.
     If a physician causeth the death of a free man or the loss of an eye, his hands shall be cut off.
     If a physician causeth the death of the slave of a poor man, one of his own slaves shall the physician give him.  If a physician causeth the loss of the slave's eye, half the slave's value shall he pay.
(Galeano, E., "Children of the Days" pg. 109)

And you thought Obamacare was bad. 

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!