February 17, 2017

The Kali Yuga

Ah, February 17th, the fearsome Hindu goddess known as Kali was born on this day, and in doing so, she entered in the Kali Yuga (the "Evil Age").  Kali, the destroyer-goddess, was depicted with black skin, a hideous face, and four arms.  In ancient times, human sacrifices were made to appease her and to satisfy her thirst for blood.

God damn the Kali Yuga, God Damn.

Also on this day, noted in his book "Children of the Days," Eduardo Galeano tells us this story:

     The peons (day workers) on the farms of Argentina's Patagonia went out on strike against stunted wages and overgrown workdays, and the army took charge of restoring order.
     Executions are grueling.  On this night in 1922, soldiers exhausted from so much killing went to the bordello at the port of San Julián for their well-deserved reward.
     But the five women who worked there closed the door in their faces and chased them away, screaming, "You murderers! Murderers, get out of here!"
     Osvaldo Bayer recorded their names.  They were Consuelo Garcia, Ángela Fortunato, Amalia Rodriquez, María Juliache and Maud Foster.
     The whores.  The virtuous.


     The improvement of this world lies in replacing violence with love, and in understanding that the basis for a beautiful life is not the fear of violence but love. 

-Father Tolstoy

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!