Look for vampires today!

Each year on this night (according to ancient legend), vampires in Rumania* are believed to rise up from their graves ater a year-long sleep and walk the Earth in search of human blood.  Garlic and crucifixes are hung on doors and windows for protection.

In ancient Egypt, the Feast of Hathor as Sekhmet was held each year on this day.  It honored the lion-headed goddess of battle, who was also the consort of the moon-god Ptah.

Conversely speaking, Vampires are not always people returning from the dead, but sometimes are merely living sorcerers out for a good time.

*English uses both forms, Rumanian and Romanian, to denote the Romance-speaking population in the South-Eastern Europe north of the Danube, which was traditionally referred as Vlachs (or Wallachians). Both forms were adopted by the mid 19th century when the principalities of Wallachia and Moldova were unified to form a new state, Rumania or Romania. The forms Rumania and Rumanian were prevailing till the second half of the 20th century, when the forms with "o" gradually became more popular.


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Are we building a modern day Noah's Ark for the Alt Right?

Are we building a modern day Noah's Ark? And if so, by and who for?

On May 20, 2015, the US military launched the unmanned X-37B plane and it has been circling the Earth on a top-secret mission with no details on when it'll come back to land. This isn't the first time we've launched such a flight according to space.com, there was a mission in 2011 which spent 468 days orbiting the earth.  Then there was another mission that spent 675 days in orbit without so much as a hint to its purpose.  Each mission appears to get longer and longer. 

Why would we want to orbit in space above the earth for years?  One reason of course is space travel.  You know, the two years or so it would take to get to Mars.  And if this is truly the reason, more power to them; however, there is another possibility.  And you won't like it.

The first possibility for long-term flight above the Earth might be to protect the human race from a natural disaster such as an asteroid headed right for us: not too far fetch considering that only last month an asteroid popped out of nowhere and came within a few miles of hitting the earth.  Could happen.

So, what if this X-37B is a safety flight to put humans in space above the earth to rotate the ten or fifteen years it might take for pockets of habitable Earth to open up for a return to begin repopulating our species?   Interesting thought to say the least.  Not a bad idea really, a modern day Noah's ark, but instead of two of every animal, two of every race. That could be a beautiful thing.  Unfortunately, with today's Neo Nazis in the USA and Brexit in England, highly doubtful.  The more alarming possibility is it is a tool to correct the Nazi Problem.  

Much has been written about the new Alt Right.  Which isn't actually new to some of us who believe the Nazi Party never died. And with this Neo Nazi resurgence in the USA, one has to wonder if Putin and Trump know about this outer space escape and are planning to use it to allow a massive extension to take place on Earth only to return to populate the planet with Orange people? 

They definitely see things the same way!

Think about it. 


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