How Charlie Brown became a Christmas tradition

The final cut of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was first shown in early December 1965 in California, to the staff that had hustled to meet a demanding six-month deadline. After the credits finished rolling over "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing," the crew was silent, unsure if the show's many innovations worked. An animator in the back…


EsotericDaily: Thanksgiving Warning

EsotericDaily: Thanksgiving Warning

Thanksgiving Warning

Thanksgiving Warning!!!

Yes, Thanksgiving, that American day of feast we originally celebrated with Native Americans as we plotted their demise by stuffing them with Tryptophan, which just happens to be the same amino acid found in many sleeping potions of day such as Spirulina, which, any warlock of the day would have told you (if asked instead of burned), to be wary of for those feeding you Törökország, for it is  sleeping potion known to make one sleepy before the night -- and also, will eventually help in avoiding boring-ass American Football games on the telly.

So, as you raise your glass and say a prayer with those who are feeding you Turkey, be cautious of your nap.  Or should I say, What's In Your Teepee?

Dr. TVBoogie


WATCH: Is this a UFO over Willingboro? | Paranormal Corner

November 16, 2015 4:44AM Never seen anything like it ! Posted by Newdie Royal on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 In 1927, a volunteer firefighter snapped a photo of what he believed was an Unidentified Flying Object hovering over Cave Junction, Oregon. Since that time, and even earlier -- there is an antique "stereoview" photo of a…


N.J. astronaut Scott Kelly gives us proof of alien life - supposedly

The truth is out there. And New Jersey's own space traveler knows it and want us to know too. According to some UFO hunters, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly tried to subtly show the world Sunday that aliens do in fact exist and one of their ships is hovering just outside our atmosphere. Kelly, who has tweeted…


President Obama Says Roswell, UFO Secrets Are “Disappointing,” Dodges JFK Assassination

Bill Simmons interviewed President Barack Obama for GQ and asked him “Have you ever said ‘Give me the JFK assassination files, I want to read them. Give me all the secret stuff’?” The way President Obama answered is sure to disappoint UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists, who are still crossing their fingers for a president administration…


Highway 666

How to get the Gothic look right

From underground to trendy: how to get the gothic look right

Frankfurt (dpa) - The fashion business likes to draw upon subcultures every so often and serve up a touch of grunge to the wider world. As with ripped jeans, which came originally from the punk scene, luxury designers from Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent have drawn inspiration from the gothic look, with one of the most…

Dead Sea Scrolls


Meet the Former Pentagon Scientist Who Says Psychics Can Help American Spies

Steps from the Hayward Executive Airport in Northern California, a brunette in jeans and hiking boots scans her surroundings for police. She’s carrying a 13-pound canister of liquid nitrogen in her hand. She unclasps the lid and dumps the colorless, minus-320-degree liquid into a beer cooler packed with 2,000 tiny aluminum balls. A thick white cloud…

Old Time Yoga


Mysterious WTF space junk disintegrates over the Indian Ocean

Lola Gayle, In late October, we told you about WT1190F (WTF for short), an unknown object from space that was set to crash into the Indian Ocean on November 13. The International Astronomical Center (IAC) and the United Arab Emirates Space Agency hosted a rapid response team in order to study the re-entry of what…


Mother Earth Breathes: Watch Eerie Video Of Forest Ground Moving In Canada

The eerie footage of forest ground moving in Apple River in Nova Scotia was shot by Brian Nuttall on October 31 and uploaded a day later. Nuttall shared his experience in a Facebook post, in which he suggested his theory for the unusual 'breathing' ground. " ...the larger trees are doomed to blow down but are…


Why California's The UFO Capital

A mysterious light that rocketed across hundreds of miles of Southern California's sky Saturday night sparked fear among some, excitement among others, that they were witness to an unidentified flying object or possibly a comet. Law enforcement agencies were reportedly flooded with calls reporting the sightings, and thousands of people around the world tweeted out the…


7 Strange and Fascinating Mysteries Science Cannot Explain

Our understanding of the world continues to expand because of science, but there are still many things out there that science simply can't explain. It seems that the more we learn, the more mysteries we find. Here are 7 that are still baffling scientists. Baltic Sea Anomaly On June 19, 2011, a crew of Swedish divers…

On this date...

On this date in the year 1324, a Witch named Dame Alice Kyteler suffered death by fire in the first and most famous Witch trial to take place in Ireland. Nine others were arrested, found guilty, and sentenced to various punishments.

In Egypt, the final day of the Isia takes place on this day. This annual festival celebrates the rebirth of the god Osiris through the sacred and life-giving milk of Isis.


Happy Halloween

Love Halloween -- it's so Jewish!

The 2009 Coen brothers movie, A Serious Man, would have no premise whatsoever without its extended opening, supernatural sequence featuring a "dybbuk" (an evil spirit in the form of a recently deceased person) visiting an unfortunate and hapless couple. Bad luck and spooky things then plague the family for generations. I remember: Years ago, four Orthodox…

I See Dead People…and So Can You

This article first appeared on the Indian Country Today Media Network website. Of course there are ghosts. Do you think you’re the only human being who noticed when ghosts have appeared across time, across space, and across cultures wherever people are mystified? There are ghosts in the same sense there are UFOs going back to times…