September 22, 2023

Tesla, Mad Scientist or Gifted Idealist? You Choose.

On September 22nd, 1940, the New York Times ran an article on Nikola Tesla stating that he "stands ready to divulge to the United States Government the secrets of his 'teleforce' invention which would melt an airplane from 250 miles away." The article goes on to say that Tesla had a way of creating a beam of energy that could destroy a mountain, and this death machine could be up and running in three months.

Tesla had this idea during WWII, when he wanted to fight fascism. If it would have worked, maybe no need for the nuclear bombs of today(?)

I've written about Tesla before, and the guy was a genius who wanted to do good for the world, but because of his idealistic ways, was silenced by the system.  You see, before Tesla was working on a plan for fighting the Nazis, he had had a dream to provide 'free electricity' to the world; however, the plan wasn't liked by the Corporate Profiteers of the day who saw it as a threat to their existence, and so they pulled the plug on his finances, and when that wasn't enough, they assassinated his character.  

As a young man Tesla created an alternating current electrical-power producing system which was far superior to the direct current system being pushed by Thomas Edison, and when Tesla proved this to Edison, Edison fired Tesla and put him on the streets digging ditches until George Westinghouse came along and developed Tesla's alternating current system and eventually proved Edison was a wrong.  Eventually, Tesla connected with the big banker, JP Morgan, who saw profits from Tesla's proven success, and so backed Tesla until he saw Tesla was a threat to capitalism, and so, did what people with money do, cut off all Tesla's financing, and then, ran ads in the News Papers claiming that Tesla was a Mad Scientist out to rule the world; a definition that would stick with Tesla until the end.

And the end of this story is that Tesla lived in a hotel room in New York city for the rest of his life from money left to him by Westinghouse, the only banker who felt any remorse for the deeds done to Tesla, which of course, showing remorse never works for a capitalist, and so Westinghouse went bankrupt and his popular brand name entered the public domain. 

The character assassination done to Tesla was brutal.  His image was mocked in cartoons, as he was the prototype for the "mad scientist." 

Mad Scientist from the 40's
Mad Scientist from the 40's
Mad Scientist from the 50's


Mad Scientist of the 80's
Yes, Tesla was publicly assassinated by the greedy-profiteers with enough money to control the dialog. This is just the way it is, they control the message, control history, and control our pop-culture perception.  Tesla is an example of what happens to a scientist who gets in the way of profits.  The same things we saw with the tobacco companies in the 50's and 60's when science said smoking causes cancer, and the same thing we are seeing today with climate change.

This is the only conspiracy there ever was. 

Elon Musk Victory Cigar
And to add insult to injury, the ghost of Edison and Morgan live on today in Elon Musk, today's Corporate Raider who has taken over the free public information App, Twitter, and renamed it X, and not only allows hate talk which had been banned, but is no longer free for users. Sound familiar?  It should, Elon Musk is continuing the greed, and has even gone as far as to use Tesla's name to brand his electric car.  To the victor goes the spoils.

"We of today can only sit and wonder when a scientist has his say."

~~ Nikola Tesla

Also interesting, the FBI opened a file up on Tesla in 1940 after Tesla's article was published.  They kept watch on him up until the end.  In the FBI memo below, it is funny that after a bunch of airplane crashes, an FBI agent mentions an article he read about Tesla a few years earlier, and suggest they investigate him.  That's how it works.  Step out of line and they put a government spy on you.


~~ Dr TV Boogie

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