August 3, 2023

August 3, Colubus Begins the Pillaging, Nukes Waste Sites.

It's August 3rd and on this day in history, Christopher Columbus sets sail to begin the rape and pillaging of the Americas, and boy were the heavenly deities pissed, for as Columbus was departing his last port of call before reaching the Americas, the Canary Islands, a volcano erupted.  Seeing the eruption in their wake, Columbus wrote in his secret log that he had a bad feeling. Boy was he right! 

Then, on August 3rd in 1610, another lost sailor strikes gold, this time it was Captain Henry Hudson in search of the fabled Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans; and just as Columbus erupting volcano was a bad sign for a captain, Captain Hudson had pushed his men so hard that they mutinied and put him on a canoe to nowhere with his teenage son.  Hudson and his son were never seen or heard of again.  But he got his name on the inland sea waters they found.

All good things come in three, right?  Well, on this 3rd day of the 8th month, in the year 1958, the USS Nautilus accomplishes the first undersea voyage to the North Pole.  The world's first nuclear submarine reached the top of the world.  Sixty years later, the USS Nautilus can be visited in a museum in Connecticut, but the nuclear reactor which has been cut out of her belly now resides in a Low-Level Burial Grounds site in Washington State.  It is one of four such sites, there is one in Washington State, Texas, Utah, and South Carolina. The shit stored there will be sitting there until hell freezes over, and then another billion years.  That's progress. 

A Nuclear Waste Site Near You.
Finally, on August 3rd in Japan, they hold an annual harvest festival called Aomori Nebuta.  Its reason is simply to stay awake!  In old days it was to allow them to stay awake long enough to work the harvest; today, however, it is "Stay Awake" metaphorically.  And a good thing for all of us to do on this hot August 3rd wherever you are, for it's hot everywhere.  NOTHING to be alarmed about.  Keep reading.  As the Nationalist keep telling you, it's cyclical.

Stay esoteric!


~~ Dr TV Boogie

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