July 31, 2023

July 31, Sir Thomas Malory, Defoe, and Blavatsky

On July 31st, 1485, Sir Thomas Malory published his masterpiece, Morte d'Arthur.  The legend of King Arthur. 

For those of us in the esoteric know, King Arthur was the Egyptian story of Osiris.  Did Malory plagiarize?  I doubt it, but he did tap into the collective consciousness of the gods, which is a beautiful thing.  As Graham Hancock and others have pointed out:

Osiris's sister Isis was a magician
Arthur's sister Morgan Le Fey was a sorceress

Arthur was murdered by his nephew Mordered
Osiris was murdered by his brother Seth

When Osiris was murdered, his casket was throne into the Nile
When Arthur died, he was placed in a boat that drifted away

The Fisher King's death revolves around fertility rituals
Osiris's death and resurrection involves fertility

The Fisher King is maimed in the thigh, which represents the phallus
Osiris's phallus was important in his myth

Arthur's name actually stems from Osiris: Arthur comes from Asur, also known as Attis, or Adonis. Adonis is also Osiris!...

That's his book, regarding the guy: 

Sir Thomas Malory wrote his book from a prison cell where he spent time in and out for crimes such as robbery, attempted murder, rape... Yes, rape!  Who did he rape?  Well, he raped Joan Smith of Coventry.  These charges were originally on a May 23, 1450, when he was 23.  He was arrested, but then escaped by swimming across the prison moat -- like we all haven't done this in a dream. While out of jail he goes back to the home of Joan Smith and rapes her again on August 6, 1450, and also, by the way, robs her husband while he's at it.  

Of course, now we see how he was arrested for rape, the charges were filed by her husband as property damages to his wife. 

Look how far we've come. 

In 1703, on another hot July 31, another English writer gets into trouble, this time it is author Daniel Defoe, who is put in the pillory for seditious libel due to the the publication of his pamphlet "The Shortest Way with Dissenters." 

The pamphlet was an attack on High Churchmen and other conservatives of the day.  Defoe called them out on their "occasional conformity" and "hypocrisies." Sound familiar?  Seems to be the problem with many world leaders today.  

Defoe was sentences to public humiliation in a pillory (a wooden framework with holes for the head and hands, in which an offender was imprisoned and exposed to the public).  According to legend, the publication of his poem Hymn to the Pillory caused his audience at the pillory to throw flowers instead of the customary harmful and noxious objects and to drink to his health. 

Spent summers in a well
Watching pale moons disappear alone
And crucifixion seems noble
When paradise is hell, atone
I think we're far from home

And now you're free, let go

Jump into white unknowns
But I can't shake it, I can feel it in my bones
I shut my eyes, our hands let go

Spent winters locked away
The snow would swallow everything and drown
A pendulum hangs over me
Forever swinging violently, come down
Please come down on me

And now you're free, let go
Jump into white unknowns
But I can't shake it, I can feel it in my bones
I shut my eyes, our hands let go

I think we're far from home  

Madame Blavatsky

Finally, July 31, 1831, Madame Blavatsky was born in the Ukraine.  She was a writer who after a visit to Tibet, had the mission of spreading "Spiritualism" through the world.  Like her or not, historically, she is more popular than any of the Popes from her time.  I'm just saying. 

~~ Eso Terry

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Thanks For Being!