July 26, 2023

A Hot July 26, Inquisitional Death and Aldous Huxley.

On a hot July 26 in 1826, the Spanish Inquisition had committed its last murder in the name of God. The secular arm of the church, i.e., the Conservative/Closed Minded/God Party of the day carried out the dirty deed done dirt cheap for the church since the church didn’t believe in murder. That's the "godly" way of doing things, and if you don’t see something wrong with this, my friend, you are not a kind, spiritual, loving person.

I'll stop there to avoid politics.  Simply stated: on a hot July 26 in 1826, Cayetano Ripoll was murdered for the grievous crime of insisting that the only necessary religious teaching in his classroom was the keeping of the Ten Commandments. Yes, he didn’t think kissing the Popes ring, attending mass, or condemning the pagans worshiping the heavenly deities on an alter in their homes, a thing to teach in school. Yes, Cayetno Ripoll was a kind, spiritual, loving person, and for that, he got killed for being heretic.  
Coincidentally, on this day in 1894, Aldous Huxley was born in England.  This is important on an Esoteric Day like today because, in his book "In Brave New World," Huxley warned of a capitalist-god government distorting truth and calling their hypocritical behavior ‘righteous indignation.’  Sound familiar?  Like a group of politicians today?  Hmmmm. 
Conversely, Huxley was a mystic who lived out his later life in America where he wrote, ‘Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.’ To avoid that capacity in himself, Huxley tried LSD, and he liked it! ( warning: LSD, and other psychedelic drugs, unless micro-dosed by a professional, should be taking only a few times in the presence of a Shaman. After a few times, it’s not healthy and can cause physical and/or spiritual death.)
In 1790 on this day the US Congress voted to locate the National Capital on its current site on the Potomac River. The river that Richard Nixon once swam naked in. Don't ask me how I know this, I just do. 
~~ Eso Terry 

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