June 6, 2022

Service to Others is the Answer my Friends, Love, is the Question.

June 6, no work today.  This is good.  I have time to commit myself in the "service of others."  This is something I should have done a long time ago.  Instead of chasing woman, drinking, and trying to obtain status in a world where such things are nothing more than an illusion, for in the end it is the love we make that matters.  

I did my morning chants facing my Buddhist mandala, or object of devotion as we call it.  I prayed and thanked for healing, and that the tumor cells in my body turn benign for this body that has the ability to create poison, has the ability to create medicine.  I ate some raw carrots, broccoli, and bitter melon as my bitter melon, ginseng, green tea steeped. 

I believe it is my faith that heals.  I believe it is my faith that guides me.  This Friday they scan my lungs to see what the tumors are doing.  In the meantime, I will visit and a member of my faith at the hospital today where he has been over the last few months from a stroke.  He has no one, no money, and no health insurance.  He will need medical care the rest of his life.  I will support him anyway I can without making a comment about healthcare in the USA.  

I have another struggling friend who is jobless and living in an apartment with government assistance.  I Venmo'd him twenty bucks last night so he can get some gas to go look for a a job.  

Service to others.  This is something I should have done a long time ago instead of chasing woman, drinkings, and trying to obtain status in a world where the only status there is, is love, or do I mean "Sacrifice?"  Is this what the whole Jesus writings were really about? Not so much the "dying" as the "sacrifice" itself?  Fiction or not, sacrifice is love now isn't it.  Wooo, I just blew my mind.


~~ Eso Terry - Living of Cancer.

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!