February 2, 2022

Feb 2- 22 and Ground Hog Day: We’re All Esoteric.


Today is a magical day. It is February 2, 2022. That is the repeating numbers of 222.  If I may plagiarize, I mean quote The US Sun, today is part of the 222 sequence which will not return for another century after February 20, and February 22 of this month.  Esoterically speaking, this is a fantastic day.  According to numerology, this is a day charged with the energy of duality, partnership, relation and balance. The key lessons for this month on this 222 sequence day is to approach life with balance, compassion, and to seek partnership with others around you. 

What the US Sun article doesn’t tell you but we here at will: dates that can be read the same forward and backwards are called “Palindrome Dates.”  You know 2-2-22 is 2-2-22 backwards or forwards. What is so special about today’s is it occurs on the 33rd of the year with 333 days left in the year.    If you got up at 2:02am this morning as I did, you were 100% in the Palindrome matrix. Today there are more opportunities to reach ultimate sync with the numbers at 2:02pm , 8:20pm  (20:20 military time). What I am saying here is this is a good day to buy 2 lottery tickets at $2.00 a ticket and let the numbers rule.  I am and will report my excellent winnings to you tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Also, don’t think you are the Esoteric type? Think again for today is Ground Hog day and in Punxsutawney PA, Punxsutawney Phil saw its shadow, and so millions of Americans are certain that there will be six more weeks of winter.  This annual practice is as  esoteric as reading tea leafs, bumps on a head,  or energy messages from rocks. So stop pretending you’re not one of us and join the mystic before the Aliens return and take us all to Shangri-La without you! 

~~ Sir Eso Terry, Esoteric Extraordinaire 

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!