February 16, 2022

Feb. 16: Workers, Whores, The Virtuous, and Andrew Yang's Universal Basic Income!

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know I consider it a very esoteric tragedy that we have so many working poor in the world with over-stuffed corporate families getting more and more popular in the movies.  Just watch any TV show or Hollywood movie and you'd think everyone has a good job, lives in a nice home, and seldom works.  It's in all the story lines, why?  Because money is king and controls everything.  In old times, these 1% were the bad guys in the movies and so hid in private yacht clubs out of sight of you and me; now, however, they flaunt it. So what is our only course of action now? We flaunt back!  That's right, it is time we demand they cut the shit and send us all a monthly check of at least $1000.00 bucks.  This will make the economy richer because you and I will spend our money in the real economy, not their Private Yacht Club economy.  I think it is a great ideal, oh wait, it isn't new.  Andrew Yang ran for president with the idea of a Universal Basic Income in 2000.  Why don't we all just vote for the guy next time and see how it works!  The test will only be for four years before the wealthy find a way to create another financial disaster and take back control; but for four years you and I can sip coffee at the coffee bar reciting shitty poetry together like we were meant too, or you with children can spend the day in the park with your kids telling them how great it is to be a part of the 99% Human Race, not the 1% You Work For Me clan.   

I think it is possible.  Case in point: In South Korea today -- the mother of Every-One-Is-Rich-Handsome-and-Happy Romantic TV -- workers are standing up at a Samsung Electronics company and threatening to take back power and Strike!   Be still my beating heart!   It's the only tool we have in-between presidential elections to vote for a Universal Basic Income like Yang offered. 


On this day, noted in his book "Children of the Days," Eduardo Galeano tells us this story:
     The peons (day workers) on the farms of Argentina's Patagonia went out on strike against stunted wages and overgrown workdays, and the army took charge of restoring order.
     Executions are grueling.  On this night in 1922, soldiers exhausted from so much killing went to the bordello at the port of San Julián for their well-deserved reward.
     But the five women who worked there closed the door in their faces and chased them away, screaming, "You murderers! Murderers, get out of here!"
     Osvaldo Bayer recorded their names.  They were Consuelo Garcia, Ángela Fortunato, Amalia Rodriquez, María Juliache and Maud Foster.
     The whores.  The virtuous.


     The improvement of this world lies in replacing violence with love, and in understanding that the basis for a beautiful life is not the fear of violence but love. 

-Father Tolstoy

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!