April 4, 2020

Wear a silly mask to protect others?

President Trump announced that the CDC now recommends that the general population wear non-medical masks; of course, he smirked and said he didn't need to, but the rest of us should. 
I only bring up this face-mask-for-all postulation because I think it is a sign that the USA is finally joining the human race.  What I mean by this is: with all the talk of One Nation Under God  in this country, we have all been more concerned with our own superficial needs over those of our One Nation.  Now, however, with the Covid19 pandemic this may be changing.  In 1980 when I was in the US Navy I visited Korea in the winter time and saw all these people wearing surgical mask.  "Is that to protect them from air pollution?" I asked the woman offering me comfort at a restaurant....  

(For you young ones, 'Air Pollution' was a thing in the 70's that you could see with your own eyes by looking at the brown clouds in the skies, fortunately, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) enacted laws to make factories clean up their profitable exhaust and oil companies take lead out of Gasoline, an act, by the way, that had the Republican Fox News types of the day screaming "Job Killers" and "Big Government" to protect their greedy planet-killing way of life, which if they would have had their way back then as they are having today,
would have sucked because not only would they have lost all of their coveted profits, they'd all be dead with the rest of us from toxic air pollution.  That's right, the toxic air pollution of the 70's that the EPA had to force business to clean up,  is the same Climate Change pollution today that the Republican Fox News types are denying, and just as the Covid19 virus that is killing us now was something "No one seen this coming...." per the Republican Fox News types and President Donald Trump, when the Climate Change they are denying today hits us tomorrow like the Covid19 just has, they will say the same thing.  It's time you wake up people, the idiots are running the asylum and the doctors have been sedated by the treat of being called a Liberal.  F*K them!  If protecting the planet is liberal?  I'm a liberal and proud of it.  Now back to my Korean story.)

"No bado 바보 (stupid)," she said, "they are wearing the mask because they have a cold and don't want to spread it." 

"Wow," I said, "you mean they already have a cold and don't want to spread it so wear a silly mask to protect others?"

"Ye (yes)."

"We'll never do that in the USA...."


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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!