March 22, 2020

Trump's "Blood Libel" callling "Covid19" the "Chinese Flu"

St. William painting at the Church of St.Peter
So it's March 22nd, what a day, historically speaking that is.  Did you know that the body of a 12-year-old boy named William was found in a forest just outside Norwich, England, on this day by a zealous monk named Thomas of Monmouth.  In his epic biography, the Life and Passion of William of Norwich, the monk stated that the child had been sacrificed by Jews in a gruesome ritual mocking the crucifixion of Jesus -- a lie with devastating implications.  Many experts consider the book to be the origin of what historian Alan Dundes called "one of the most bizarre and dangerous legends ever created by the human imagination," the Blood Libel.  This widespread belief that Jews routinely killed Christian children in secret rituals has endured for nine centuries, influenced anti-Semites from Martin Luther to Adolf Hitler, and caused untold misery to millions of innocent people over the centuries. 

Something to think about today when our president Donald Trump calls the "Covid-19/Coronavirus" the "Chinese Flu," an action that anyone with half-a-brain knows is racist and dangerous.  Even the non-political Psychology Today had to write about it:

As I’ve noted before, when some individuals feel insecure and threatened, they can feel more powerful by blaming and victimizing others. This bluster is superficial and shallow, and does nothing to make us safe. In fact, the president’s racism is paired with his putting the country on “war footing.” This should ring alarm bells. Racist words from the top lead to racist actions by those disinhibited by the president’s rhetoric and dog whistles. Could they lead to actual war, and further actions against Asian Americans? Honestly, can you imagine Asian Americans feeling safe with words like this from the President? Let’s face it, President Trump is not exactly sending messages to our better angels. I try to maintain compassion for President Trump. He has a difficult job. But I wish he would show more compassion for the rest of us. By framing this issue as "us vs. them" (or "me vs. them") President Trump dangerously personalizes a global situation.

Trumps speech with his word changes.  What a man(?)

Ouch, how can this guy still be taken seriously by anyone?  I don't know, but it sure makes sense that on this date in 1923, the world-famous mime named Marcel Marceau was born.  Now there's a man to be taken seriously. 
~~ Dr TV Boogie
Marcel Marceau performing "The Mask" (click for complete performance. 

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 I'm taking a war break: Remember, which ever side you're on, sides suck.  ~~ Eso Terry 

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!