March 30, 2020

There have always been bad leaders in the world who have led their followers to death: Donald Trump.

I am amazed at how gullible people are.    They believe millionaire politicians -- about 80 percent, most of the them -- who's main purpose in government is to protect their fortunes and the fortunes of others in the same tax bracket, yet, they tell you they are going to get government off of your back by making it smaller when in reality they are just making it less for the people and more for the greedy. 

I guess I shouldn't be so amazed, that's the way it is, always has been, and always will be.  Someone with the gift-of-gab tells you what you want to hear and you obey.  Take for example this day (March 30th) in 1750.  John Taylor had a successful business with such clients as King George II and the pope -- who else could afford a doctor back then, or today for that matter?

Taylor in his Sunday Shirt
Back to my story: Taylor, who had adopted the title "Ophthalmiater Royal," rode from town to town in a carriage emblazoned with painted eyeballs, made grandiose speeches before gathered crowds at each surgery, and left a long trail of blinded people in his wake.  One of them was Johann Sebastian Bach.

The great composer had long suffered poor eyesight, but as his condition worsened, he had the misfortune of meeting the itinerant Taylor, who had just arrived in Leipzig to great fanfare.  On March 30, 1750, the celebrity oculist plunged his sharpened instruments into the musical genius's eyes.  Then he applied a healing poultice of pigeon's blood, pulverized salt, and just a dash of mercury.  After several days, Bach could no longer see.  Four months later Bach was dead, and just as we are blinded by the tax-cuts for the rich, smaller government to hide their lies, and a global Corporation to control it all,  eight years after Bach's eye-sight was taking away, Handel requested the same treatment and too went blind.

Don't bat an eye, my friend, the illusion has been going on forever, take for instance on this day in 1218, in England: King Henry III proclaims the Yellow Badge Edict, under which every Jew older than seven must wear a yellow identifying badge.  (And you thought it started in Germany the Nazis.)

Then on this day in 1533, the protestant faith is created by Henry VIII so he can divorce his first of five wives and still get into heaven.  

On this day in 1581, Pope Gregory XIII forbids Catholics to use Jewish doctors.

Finally, on this in 1945 in Berlin Germany:

     Today we heard the military bulletin at five, as we were drinking coffee....  The speaker formulated thus: "If we resist, we have the possibility of continuing to live; if we capitulate, we shall certainly die.  Because not only the Bolshevists want to exterminate us, but the Anglo-Americans want to do so, too, behind both is the Jewish will to destroy."  

This said after the Germans had murdered millions of Jews in the gas chamber.  


And on this day in 2020, Donald Trump is saying he has done a "perfect job" and that we would have lost "two million" people to the covid-19 virus if he did nothing.  The fact is we knew this was coming since December.  The fact is any-other president Republican or Democrat would have taken it seriously and been more prepared.  The fact is Donald Trump and his Republican do-nothing-but-cut-taxes-for-the-rich-and-make-laws-to-ban-abortion idiots took it as a "liberal conspiracy" to make Trump look bad.  Look at the history folks.  A month ago this is what they were saying.  A month ago, Trump said:  "It's a hoax."

There have always been bad leaders in the world who have led their followers to death: Donald Trump.

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