March 13, 2020

It Was A Wonderful LIfe, before Ronald Reagan.

It is Friday the 13th and things are bad all over because of the inept president Donald Trump who refused to do anything about the Corona Virus when he had a chance to, but didn't; instead,  he called it a "Democrat Plot" to keep him from getting reelected.  That's right, for weeks concerned people were reporting the possibility of a pandemic virus spreading in the USA and yet Trump and his cronies did nothing but blame the reports on the "liberals."

It isn't the first time nor will it be the last time they blame you and me for their failures, because blaming us has worked for them since Ronald Reagan gave us the first 1% tax cuts and promised that making the rich richer will eventually trickle down to you and me.  The fact is it never has and never will.  Conversely, after Reagan cut taxes for the 1% and gave us our first Peace Time Deficit, the bottom fell out and we loss the one financial institution that gave us a home: the Savings and Loan industry.  Before there was a Savings and Loan bank, only the rich could buy a home because the terms were too short to make the payment affordable for the average American.   Before Savings and Loan banks, only the rich owned property and you and me had to rent from their slums.  When the Savings and Loan banks started popping up in communities in the 19th century, more people started owning homes and the Banking Slum Lords, the precursor to today’s Conservative Con Artist, were pissed.  They hated the idea that you and me could buy a home and not pay rent to them. Just watch the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life,” and you’ll see what I am talking about.  In that film James Stewart runs a Savings and Loan bank while Potter, the bad guy, owns the Investor’s bank.  Potter can’t stand the thought that Stewart is doing the “liberal” thing by helping the average Joe/Jane own a home and getting free of the banker’s control.  After eight years of Ronald Reagan and his trickle-down economics, the US debt was the highest ever in peace time and caused the stock crash of 1987, and eventually the S&L Crisis which allowed the banks to buy up all of the Savings and Loan banks using our tax money.  Yes, Ronald Reagan began the destruction of the middle class and is the main reason we have the homeless population today.   It really is that simple boys and girls: the Conservative Con Job has destroyed America.  What is happening in the world today has nothing to do with liberal policies and everything to do with trickle-down economics, or “Voodoo Economics” as George Bush Sr called it before he sold out to the Conservative Con Job to be appointed President. 

Fortunately, the truth can not be hidden forever.  The same lies they are telling you now about the Corona Virus are the lies they have been telling all along.  Wake Up!

~~ Radical Sam

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!