March 4, 2020

Beatles were more popular than Jesus?

Looking at the current news, we're f*&ked!

A guy who believes victims from a school shooting at a school are part of a conspiracy to take guns away from people.  No shit!  The same web sites he reads saying Hilary is a criminal and Trump is a Christian, tells him that school shootings are a plot to take his guns away... and he believes it!
California man sentenced to over 5 years for harassing Parkland shooting families


Here's a good example of how the news is slanted by the 1%.  

In a recent Morgan Stanley article, they wrote:

78% of investors expect stocks to tumble during the first 3 three months under a Democratic president

Ouch, better not vote for a Democrat.  Here's the reality, the same analysis say stocks will tumble no matter what because the market is due a correction over the next twelve months.  


 Then there is this one:

How the Supreme Court Favors the Rich and Powerful

No shit!


So it was on this day in 1966 that John Lennon said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus.  He later explained that it was a sign of declining religion in the world.  Boy was he wrong, according to a Pew Research there are more Christians now than in 1966.  So then, why is there more corruption, gun violence, and hate if we are more Christian again?  Oh, that's right,


Tesla, Mad Scientist or Gifted Idealist? You Choose.

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!