The choice is yours folks, either we tax the rich or die in their sewers.

If you have been reading the news, you know there is something bigger happening than Donald Trump's Impeachment.  There is something happening that affects us all, and as Einstein said, would be the end of the world. 

I'm talking about Bees.  That's right folks, due to Climate Denial Change as reported in The Washington Post, the number of areas populated by bumblebees has fallen 46 percent in North America and 17 percent in Europe, and the new research found that regions with sharp bee declines also experienced strong variations in climate — and especially higher temperatures and worse heat waves. 

secret white-haired men and their perfect white plan
Now combine this with Donald Trump's Deregulation he bragged about in his State of the Union speech the other night, and you see why the wealthy 1% are stock piling as much money as they can.  The bottom is about to fall out.  It's their plan.  They made that choice when Ronald Reagan was president:  "We Will Starve The Beast" by bankrupting the world, Reagan said.  In their secret white rooms with their secret white-haired, white men, they have a perfect white plan:  Destroy it all, let them die on the streets in their tent cities and Salvation Army meals.  They don't deserve affordable housing and free medical coverage at our expense.  

So when Donald Trump bragged about his "deregulation" creating today's economy, he is full of Donald Trump bullshit.  Trumps deregulation has allowed drilling on protected lands and worse of all, as reported everywhere but Fox News:

The Trump administration is approving the pesticide sulfoxaflor – thought by some experts to harm bees – for use on a wide variety of crops.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says the studies it considered, most of which were sponsored by industry, found the chemical is not dangerous for the pollinators responsible for $15bn in US crops each year.
Beekeepers in the US lost 40% of their colonies in the past year, raising concerns about the effects of pesticides.

The choice is yours folks, either we tax the rich or die in their sewers. 

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