January 23, 2020

Three things in God's USA that have amazed me most in my life time:

1.  Gas Lines When I Was A Kid.  I didn't then, nor do I now really understand them.  I knew there wasn't a shortage of gas, and to see my dad stand in line for three hours to get enough gas in his F150 so he could go to the work for the week, really messed with my eleven-year old brain. 

2.  The Military Lay Offs.  I went in the Navy in the early 80's.  They were promising us the world.  There was a shortage of volunteers.  I figured that was just the way it was.  After the fall of Donald Trump's homeland -- The Soviet Union -- we started closing bases and laying off soldiers and sailors.  That blew my mind.  

 3.  Donald Trump.  Need I say more.  The guy is a lunatic-fringe using divisive politics for his personal gain.  That on its own doesn't mess with my head, but his followers do.  Don't they see the destruction this guy is causing?  In today's news Trump is planning on joining in on the March against Women's Abortion Rights.  He'll be the first president to do something so UN-American.  

That's all I got to say today.  Enjoy our first UN-American president.  

~~ Dr TV Boogie 


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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!