January 30, 2020

Don’t let them fool you. Be an educated flea, wake up America. Stop buying Conservative Republican bullshit. It’s destroying America

I hate to be an alarmist but what the heck, someone needs to be.  The Republicans are supporting the biggest debt president in history and yet remain silent.  For those of us in the know, we know their plan is to bankrupt the system so they can rebuild it without any regulations or support for those not willing to worship the Money Jesus.  Think I’m kidding? Ronald Reagan ran the debt up like crazy, then the Democrats balanced it, George Bush ran the debt up like crazy and did bankrupt the country and had the plan ready to implement, all he had to do was let the banks fail and not bail them out.  Bush was too stupid to complete their plan and so Obama became president and put a band aide on the the issue by saving the banks and auto manufactures.  He wasn’t suppose to do that.  Actually, on day one of Obama’s presidency the Republicans went crazy about the debt he had inherited; they actually blamed him for the debt and so crafted the Tea Party.  The Tea Party was suppose to be a balance-the-budget/save-the-planet conservative movement who had had enough — of course, if you went to any of their rallies you saw the beginnings of the White Supremacists movement now supporting Donald Trump.  And now that they have their guy in office, it is obvious that they don’t give a shit about balancing the budget or saving America.  

In a recent report the US Debt has hit the point-of-no-return.  They know it, you know it, and even educated fleas know it.  We’re fucked.  

US debt surpasses $23 trillion for first time

Here’s the really, really, crazy thing:  next year at this time they will be blaming Bernie Sanders for this debt as he raises taxes to pay for it.  

Don’t let them fool you.  Be an educated flea, wake up America.  Stop buying the Conservative Republican bullshit; it’s killing America! 

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!