November 2, 2019

17th century Korean novel and Trumps impeachment

So I'm reading "The Cloud Dream of Nine."  It a 17th-century Korean novel set in Tang Dynasty China. What really got me is the passage on Law and Honor.  In reading it, I thought of why we must impeach Donald Trump.  

Here's the passage:

  The Primary Laws are the foundation stone on which 
your Imperial Majesty's Government rests.... If once we lose
its right relation all prosperity for the State ends,
confusion and disorder must follow. If we fail to exercise
care inregard to this fundamental matter, the house 
affected by it will not long endure. Matters of State 
prosperity rest here also. Therefore the Sages, and 
the specially enlightened ones, thought carefully of
 this in the governing of a country, and regarded the 
correct observance of the Primal Laws as the most
 important thing of all...the laws that rule society 
will be hopelessly damaged ; that in high places truth
 will be forfeited, and that in low places violence and  
wrong-doing may result....
Sounds like today doesn't it.  "Confusion and Disorder" from a Dishonorable Government.  No doubt it is going to happen.  If we hold Trump accountable for his dirty deeds, he and his supporters have said there will be a civil war.  If we don't impeach him the rest of us will revolt!  The only problem, this is no dream folks. 

October, Esoterically Speaking

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!