Finally, some good news for Mother Earth!

Finally, some good news for Mother Earth!

A Giant Pumice Stone Floating in the
Pacific could help heal the Great Barrier Reef
in Australia. 

Keep Chanting, Meditating, or Praying for Earth's
Healing.  It's happening!

The massive floating sheet of volcanic rock was first spotted by sailors on August 9, days after an underwater volcano is believed to have erupted near the Pacific Island of Tonga, according to NASA Earth Observatory. 

The pumice, which is filled with holes and cavities, floats like an iceberg does, with about 90% underwater and 10% above water.  The pumice is expected to drift with the current down to the Australian coast where scientist believe it could have a positive affect on the microorganisms there. 

For those of us chanting, praying, and meditating for the healing of our planet, this is a good start. 

Now go by a Prius for the sake of god!

Dr. TV Boogie 

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