February 9, 2019

Vote Liberal or Vote No More. I'm talking abortion baby!

So, it's time I eat some humble pie.  I'm talking about the many times I've called President George Bush, Jr., the Worst President Ever.  I referenced a lot of his closed-minded decisions like going to war when I still believe there was no reason for it, and cutting taxes while increasing spending and then blaming the runaway debt on "liberal policies."  

There are a couple of things I have to give him credit for.  One, he never cave to his VP, Dick Cheney and pardon Scooter LIbby like Cheney wanted.  That took guts.  The other, he actually gave us a good Supreme Court Justice in John Roberts.  Yes, Roberts again voted with the liberals to defend women abortion rights.  

You talkin' to me!

Unfortunately, I was hoping he would outlaw it and we could get on with our revolution.  For much as it took allowing the Right Wing Nuts to outlaw alcohol to finally make it a Conservative Right, it will take the same with abortion.  I went to a Christian College and actually sat in on a few of the Right To Life meetings where they put up charts showing the Texas universities with the most abortions.  Expecting to see UT Austin at the top of the list I was flabbergasted to see SMU Dallas first, followed closely by Baylor.  I'm not sure where this group had gotten their figures, but don't doubt them.  For, we all know that abortions will never go away and that the whole argument is just a Conservative Vote Getter.  

Wake Up People, they b controlling you!!!

Vote Liberal or Vote No MOre!!!

~~ Marcus P Foolé (pronouced "fool-lay")

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