Benedict Trump will move to Russia when this is all over, mark my words.

Benedict 1

 So Benedict Trump is canceling the Nuclear Treaty with Russia.  "No big deal," you say.  "They were cheating."  

Wrong, Bozo! 

First, in case you don't know by now, I use the term "Benedict" to address Trump not because it rhymes with "Tricky Dick," although, there is an interesting parallel there, but I use "Benedict" because of the many things Trump has in common with the greatest trader known to the free world.  One, they both sold-out the their countries for personal gains, and two, Trump was born on the same day of the year that Benedict Arnold died:  June 14th.  

Benedict Trump is pulling us out of the Russian Nuclear Treaty deal as another gift to Valdemar Putin.  Period.  The proper way to handle a dispute like this is to create sanctions against Russia and let them starve.  Sanctions are the one thing that Russia can't handle because they need the growth.  Once the treaty has been trashed, Putin will have the world where he wants it.  

It is that simple folks.  Nothing liberal or conservative about it, Benedict Trump is selling us out and his party knows it, as so does our justice system but since lies about good government have gone unchecked for so long, they can continue to lie about this while the US loses it's standings in the world. 

In a few years Trump will be living his life out in peace in Russia much as Benedict Arnold did in England to escape prosecution in the US.  

Enjoy your day. 

~~Dr TV Boogie is a contributing liberal to this blog who resides in Dallas Texas.  Check him out on his tweeter feed: withinfilm

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