Liberal Christmas

No one can serve two masters....

The Earth as we know it is about to change.  I've seen it.  If you are a Christian, you know that line in there about how you can't serve two master, both god and money, well, it has something to do with that and how you've totally turned your back on Jesus supporting Donald Trump.  

It's not too late, but to correct this you'll have to vote Democrat the rest of your life to balance things out and repent for your sins. 

On a lighter note, that Asteroid that is coming right for us I keep warning you about, well...

According to NASA, the asteroid’s closest approach to Earth will equal 0.01372 astronomical units (au).

NASA asteroid WARNING: Monster asteroid headed to Earth on Boxing Day at 20,000 MPH


MerryChristmas Everyone, oh, btw, we liberals do say Merry Christmas, you know, peace on Earth and good will to all.... 

It's a very liberal sentiment. 

Have a very liberal Christmas, just as Jesus would do, and oh, by goddy, have a jolly, very Merry Christmas, year!!!!

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