December 2, 2018

I Ching advise for President Trump for the month of December 2018.

So, in preparation one my 2019 I Ching reading for the USa, I decided to do a divination toss for the Month of December.  And what a mysterious thing.  Or, is it?  

The first coin toss was the feminine Yin, the rest... wait for it... all Yang.  Here is the Hexagram:

In the translation I use (Cheng Yi translated by Thomas Cleary) this Hexagram for the USa in the month of December, stands for Meeting.  Other translations are "coupling" and "coming to meet."  Regardless, its inner trigram is ☴ (巽 xùn) ground = (風) wind, and its outer trigram is ☰ (乾 qián) force = (天) heaven.  "Heaven" is above and "wind" is below; wind blows under heaven.  What is under heaven are myriad beings, which are all touched by the wind as it blows. 

What kind of meeting?  Well, one yin has just been born, and will henceforth grow gradually to fullness.  This is the woman growing strong.  When yin grows, yang wanes; when the woman is strong, the man is weak.  

Continuing on with my quotation from Cleary's translation, Meeting is the hexagram in which yin first arises and is going to grow.  When one yin arises, it grows gradually to fullness.  When yin grows, then yang wanes; such is the growth of the ways of petty people. 

What?  Who ever could he mean by "petty people" that will "wane" from the growth of the feminine Yin?  

Moving on, jumping to the 4th yang line, it says: In a time of meeting, the fourth line, in a high position, loses its subordinates.  The alienation of its subordinates is due to its own loss of virtue.  The fault of the fourth line is that it is not balanced correctly.  When those in high places are not balanced and upright, they lose their citizenry, and therefore have trouble. 

So, seems like Donald Trump is in a world of hurt if he doesn't find his balance.  I for one, hope he does.  My advise to you, sir, go into the Rose Garden and contemplate on what you are doing.  Take a few deep breaths and go inward for a second.  Let go of your ego, and find your Way; for if you don't, as the Hexagram says: Because the fourth line is out of harmony with those below, speaking in terms of government and citizenry, this means that people in superior positions will inevitable run into trouble when their subordinates become alienated from them. 

In the fifth Yang, it is written that there will be a meeting, and the superiors and subordinates come together out of mutual need.  The willow is a tall tree with large leaves, representing great people in high positions who are able to embrace others.  Willows are beautiful.  A melon is a plant with its fruits on the bottom.  Excellence in low positions characterizes wise people of low status.  The fifth yang, honored in the position of leadership, still seeks wise people among the lower ranks.  For those in the highest position to seek those in the lowest position is like wrapping a melon in the willow leaves.  This means that the leaders are able to humble themselves in this way.   

So, if Trump wants to make it through this, he needs to humble himself.  It would be great for the USa if he did so.  His political survival might depend on it; however, and warning: When leaders are humble to seek wise people, if the leaders' qualities are not right, the wise will despise them.  Therefore it is imperative to "embody beauty," in the sense of inwardly developing supreme sincerity.  Then "there will be a descent from heaven," which means that the objective will be attained.  Since ancient times, whenever leaders have sincerely humbled themselves and sought wise people in a balanced and correct way, they have never failed to find them. 

Now, what are the chances of this happening?...  I don't think even the I Ching can go that low.  

~~ Eso Terry Joe

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!