vote, then meditate

A wise monk was once asked if the world would get better if we all shared everything.  Would there then be no reason to kill and lie?  

In plain monkness, he answered:  'No.' 


Yes.  The pupil went on.  

"Why you say that! What's wrong with you!"

Monk:  "Humans will be humans and can not control anything but themselves.  So just don't kill or lie asshole.  Jeeze, what's wrong with you people.  Leave me alone.  I need to meditate." 

And so the monk did, he meditated, but later that night, a new spirit evolved.  More evil than any before.  It had no feeling for others.  It boast of its worldly goods.  It wanted everything, but had nothing.  It was scared but hid its fear by denouncing the things it didn't understand.  And the monk thought:  "Fuck this, I need to do something." 

And so he registered to vote and voted.  

So vote.  

~ The Monkster

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!