October 8, 2018

Benedict Trump

Donald Trump is a chump.
He has a big, fat, rump.
Every time he turns around,
His jaws go chump, chump, chump
on democracy.

Am I being silly?

Maybe, but consider this, Donald Trump is the reincarnated spirit of Benedict Arnold and I can prove it.

First, as with most reincarnated spirits, dates play a role.  Benedict Arnold died on a June 14th, and Donald Trump was born on a June 14th.

Now, if sharing a day of the year was all there was, I wouldn't be wasting your time here, but there is more, way more.  Actually, more, mores than the Moors who invaded Spain....

Allow me to pontificate:

Benedict Arnold supported the British enemy during our struggle for independence, read any history book and you'll see he did this for three major reasons:

1.  He was an ego-maniac who felt no one was better, stronger, or smarter than him, and so when he was passed up for a leadership positions by the revolutionary leaders, he considered them idiots for not seeing he was the greatest thing ever. 

2.  He was very greedy.   Benedict Arnold had been reprimanded several times for using his military positions for personal gains.  For instance, he once let a whole town starve while he ate like a king every night by closing the stores to the public.  He was actually court marshaled for that shady dealing, but then, giving back a military command by George Washington who, like today's Republican party, couldn't see the threat this ego-maniac posed to the independence of the United States.

3.  Arnold owed the enemy banks of London a shit-load of money.

Okay, let's look at Donald Trump.

Like Arnold, Trump is a narcissistic ego-maniac.  Do I really have to even say this?  No one, even those who will support him until the Purge, doubt this.  The guy bullied his way into the front of a group of world leaders so he would be in the front of the photo.  The guy said last week in a television interview:  THE WORLD NEEDS HIS BRAIN, that without it, the world will fail.

Then, there is the greed thing.  Instead of listing the numerous samples of this one, I'll just quote the Donald from his own words January 9th, 2016, when he said:  “I like money. I’m very greedy. I’m a greedy person. I shouldn’t tell you that, I’m a greedy – I’ve always been greedy. I love money?

Yes Donald, we know that.  That's probably why you die your hair the color of gold bullion.

And of course, there is the indebtedness to the enemy thing.  This one is the hard one to figure out because it goes so deep.  Here are the cliff notes:  Trump was bankrupt in the 90's.  All of his casinos had failed.   Fortunately, the Soviet Union had just collapsed and all the state-owned assets -- everything was owed by the state before the collapse of communism) were now being bought up by... wait for it.... the KGB.  Here's how it worked:  As the Communism plan was failing, the KGB officers were giving huge bonuses so they could buy up all the assets.  And they did.  They also needed a safe place to put the money:  and so, steps in the one American with no allegiance to the country, Donald Trump.   The details are foggy but trust me, but they all point back to Trump and will eventually come out and then what happens?

Well, did you know that Benedict Arnold went back to England to avoid being hanged and lived out his disgraceful years there.  Of course, he was considered shit there too, because, no one likes a trader.

Other reincarnated spirit things to consider:

In his memoir, Benedict Arnold wrote:  I like blondes.

Of course, Donald Trump like blonds too:  especially porn star blonds named Stormy Daniels.

Then, long before the access Hollywood Access tapes where Donald Trump brags about grabbing women by the pussy because he can, Benedict Arnold wrote in his memoir: the main chance of success in assaulting a walled fortress is to take her by surprise; thus an assault is ever preferable to a siege; but again as in the case of a lady, it is more difficult to talk surprise than to succeed in surprising her.

So yes, Benedict Arnold was a pussy grabber too.

Both Arnold and Trump were really ass wholes about their soldiers and sailors of their country.

Arnold called the Navy a "Motley Crew" for passing him up for a promotion, and after he was court marshaled said, "My leg is worth more than the whole army."

Then Donald Trump said, and I have to pause and tell you as a proud veteran of the Untied States of America, this one disturbs me the most and makes anything Jane Fonda did or say in the 60's look meek, "I don't support soldiers who were captured," Trump said about a Repbublican Senator who had been help prisoner in Vietnam, " “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Then, there are similarities of their wives.

Both around 20 years younger. Both, questionable allegiance to their countries:  Anold's wife: Peggy Shippen, was from a proponent "Loyalist" family in Philadelphia, and with her connections, helped old Benedict with his British connections; compared to Melania Trump, who was raised in a communist-socialist country and speaks fluent Russian.

It's not coinky-dinky, folks, it's coinky-stinky.

Finally, back in 1801, we didn't have a political party supporting the English enemy like we do today, and with the Republican party's acceptance of Russia's meddling in a US election because, their side won, well, they are now accomplices.  I had a top-secret clearance in the US Navy, and one of the many training films showed how Russian's were trained in obtaining little things from you, such as a briefcase you accidentally left in a hotel room, and then even thought there were no secrets in it, they would use it against you to get more.  Obviously, the whole Republican Party now supporting Donald Trump have been compromised, and are working for the Russians now to protect their own ass.  Fox News is there propaganda machine.

In 1958, the Russian Country (then called Soviet Union, not that that matters) leader, Khrushchev said he would "bury" the United States without firing a weapon."  Now we know how.

The current Russia leader, Vladimir Putin, who Donald Trump thinks is a really great guy, is an ex KGB officer, and when he was running for president of Russia, said the United States was a problem and if elected, he would destroy us.  It's taken almost 30 years since he said that, but with the election of his boy, Donald Trump as president, he finally has the power to do it.  And with the Republican Party protecting him, along with the Fox News propaganda machine feeding the lies, the enemy has infiltrated this country.  As I said, when the Soviet Union failed in 1990, the KGB never stopped being paid.  They actually got bonuses to get them through the hard part.  Most of them used that money to buy up everything and are now billionaires.  These are the guys Donald Trump is beholden to.  Putin changed the election process so he can rule the country just as the old appointed Soviet Leaders from Lennon to Khrushchev had.  The goal of the Soviet Union then, and the goal of the Russian country now is and always will be world domination.

And with the help of the Republican party who Donald Trump once called "the dumbest group of voters ever," Putin and the other dictators of the world are so close to having the world dominance they desire, that they can taste it.   All they have to do is fix a few more US elections with more of their sympathizers, and heck, their harvest is now the whole Republican Party.

I had lunch with a Republican Friend the other day, who said:  Putin isn't the bad guy, did you know they have a flat-tax?

"Are you shitting me," I said, "He's a dictator." 

"Fake News," he said, laughing. 

Unfortunately, it's not fake, nor is it funny.

Either Trump goes, or Democracy goes.

You choose, or should I say:  твой выбор (pronounced Ter-voy vee-bop)

Join me next week when we discuss Stormy Daniels new book and how she describes Donald Trump's private part as looking like a Nuclear Bomb Mushroom Cloud.


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Thanks For Being!