August 3, 2018

How come no revolt? Wilson was a racist!

 There really is nothing new under the sun.  Take for example, the Roman uprising that pitted wealthy aristocrats against middle-class citizens, two parties emerged in the Senate.  On one side were the optimates, conservatives who resisted social change.  On the other side were the populares, who believed Rome’s wealth should be better distributed among all people, not just a handful of aristocrats.

That strife ended up destroying the Roman empire because the aristocrats chose to let the Republic fail instead of accepting the social changes the people were demanding.  The changes the people were asking for then were simple, really:  they wanted the stink around them cleaned up because the wealthy citizens all lived high on the seven hills and their piss, shit, and garbage flowed down stream to the basins where the working poor -- peasant is too good of a word for the summer stink they lived in -- were forced to live.  

Yes, things were simpler then, and the people didn't want what the aristocrats up on the hills had, they only wanted better.   They're representatives tried too:  the populares/Liberals, tried to helped them, but just as today, were shutdown by the aristocrats.   And when it all came crashing down, the aristocrats were fine, they always are, unless, the people revolt.  

Finally, did you know that the Roman empire back then, still had better wealth distribution than we do in the USA today? 

How come we never revolt?


Woodrow Wilson was a hard-core racist and white supremacist, and his wife was even worse.  She often told “darky” stories, while he segregated the federal government and tried to pass legislation curtailing the civil rights of African-Americans.  Through his efforts, the Democratic party was essentially closed to African-Americans for an additional two decades, and parts of federal government were segregated through the 1950’s.  The only time he met African-American leaders in the White House ended with him practically throwing them out of his office.  With the wave of racism coming out of the White House, the Ku Klux Klan experienced a tremendous resurgence, anti-black race riots swept the country, and lynchings of Africa-Americans spread as far north as Duluth.

Wilson prejudice also extended to other ethnic groups, which he referred to as “hyphenated Americans.”  He insisted, “Any man who carries a hyphen about with him carries a dagger that he is ready to plunge into the vitals of this Republic whenever he gets ready.”

Under Wilson’s leadership, the United States made more military interventions in Latin America than at any other time in American history.  U.S. troops landed in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panama, and eleven times in Mexico.  The U.S. military was used to select Nicaragua’s president and to force that country to accept a treaty favorable to the United States. 

In a largely forgotten war against the Soviets, the United States invaded the Soviet Union in an attempt to assist White Russian forces in overthrowing the Russian Revolution.  In the summer of 1918, American forces, under a joint command with the Japanese, penetrated to Murmansk, Archangel, Vladivostok, and then west to Lake Baikal.  After reaching the Volga, the White Russian forces disintegrated, and the U.S. troops were forced to flee from Vladivostok on April 1, 1920.  This action convinced the Soviets that the United States and the Western powers were determined to destroy them if given a chance. 

Finally, and most disturbing of all, this Democratic president gave us the Federal Reserve Banking System we are all slaves to today. 

What a guy!

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