Whats going on in the ocean?

  So what is going on in the ocean?   Seems like we are seeing a crazy string of new finds.

The "Raven" Whale as it is called is 24 feet long and has never been spotted before?   What?

Then there is the The Purple Orb thing under the water.  Some kind of new species found 5000 feet beneath the sea.  What?!

And finally,

Pokémon GO players keep taking drifters from the ocean thinking they are... POKÉBALLS.  (God Help Us All.)  

Apparently this is causing a problem.

Yes, scientists are unable to stuff Pokémon into a drifter, rendering it useless in battle.

Why Is Death Always the Answer to Society's Issues?

What makes human beings unique in the animal kingdom? It isn't the capacity for Reason - we know ravens and other creatures can solve problems and use tools. It isn't a tendency to display compassionate behavior - we know chimpanzees share food in lean times and care for abandoned young when their mothers die. So what…

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!