More Proof Alien Disclosure Is About To Happen: Alien Music

Don't believe we are being prepped for an upcoming UFO disclosure like the one David Wilcock keeps teasing us with?   Well, read this Huffington Post article; seems that the guys from Apollo 10 have been keeping a secret from us:  they heard alien music while out of radio contact with the Earth; yes, on the dark-side of the moon!

Any day now.   You watch.


The Haunting Tale of the West Virginia Ghost Who Helped Solve Her Own Murder

American history is filled with famous legends involving supernatural occurrences. There are stories about strange coincidences and disappearances, to legends of odd creatures said to haunt the remote edges of our wilderness parks and preserves. Interpretations of past events shaded by the unexplained have long remained a popular element in folk traditions. This is the case…

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!