Every year on June 28th (today!), the birth of Hemera (the ancient Greek goddess of day) is celebrated.  Festivals in her honor begin at sunrise and last until the setting of the sun.  

Today is also the runic New Year's Eve, which is ruled by Dag and marks the final day of the runic year.  It signifies completion. 


The Popularity Of Spiritual Doctor Healing

When most people get sick, they turn to the official practice of medicine, in the form of a licensed doctor or nurse. One step beneath them in prestige is alternative medicine, which usually comes in the form of practices accepted by those outside the Western world, but which has official acceptance somewhere else, or during some…


Etsy’s Witch Hunt: Craft Site Bans Sale of Spells and Hexes

The online craft marketplace Etsy, in addition to offering an eclectic selection of cross-stitched profanities and cuff links bearing game console designs, has long been an unofficial coven for industrious enthusiasts of all things supernatural. But self-identifying witches will now have to look elsewhere to sell or stock up on metaphysical goods: Etsy has rather abruptly…


Burn old clothing to banish bad luck today

The Incan Festival of the Sun, originally an elaborate Peruvian celebration of the power and beauty of the all-seeing deity, still takes place on this date in some of Mexico's more remote areas.  This Mexican version of the festival usually includes a family picnic and the ancient custom of burning one's old clothing to banish bad luck. 

On a darker note, June 16 is Silver Chalice Day and so every year on this date Wiccan friends and coven members gather together in a circle to rejoice and share a traditional silver chalice of wine consecrated in the names of the Goddess and Her consort, the Horned God. 

Regardless, enjoy the day in light or dark, or both. 


June 14th (Minerva and Jagannath Day)

In ancient Rome, the goddess Minerva (patroness of wisdom and the arts, and deity of battle) was honored annually on June 14th at her sacred festival, the Lesser Quinquatrus of Minerva.

In India, this is a day sacred to Jagannath, a benevolent incarnation of the god Vishnu. An annual festival in honor of him is celebrated in the city of Puri on the East Coast of India.



A systematic derangement of the senses" was what Arthur Rimbaud, the French symbolist poet, proposed in order to gain poetic, visionary transcendence, something which he attempted to enact in his work, such as Les Illuminations. This still holds true more than a century later, as can be gleaned in the works of Igan D'Bayan in his…