Friday the 13th Thoughts of Dr. TVBoogie

And so it is Friday the 13th.  Bah, humbug.  Why is it considered unlucky?  I for one can’t remember anything really bad happening on this day; and the ones I do remember are more from good luck than bad: I once met a new love on this date at a swinging night club; I once got revenge on an ass-whole of a boss who was "let-go" on a Friday the 13th and so I got to watch him being escorted out the door by a security guard; and then there have been those numerous three and four dollar scratch-off lottery ticket winnings on this day.  Yes, Friday the 13th is a great day for me, unlike those pseudo Christians who give it a negative meaning based on a flawed Solar Calendar that suggest Jesus died on a Friday and then woke up late for work on a Monday.  Highly unlikely, still, something to believe in.

The other Christian superstition that scares folks about this glorious day has something to do with having 13 mouths to feed at a supper: one will certainly be a psycho murderer named Judas Iscariot... or Jason.  Maybe that’s where the old English superstition not to invite 13 guest to dinner because one will die before the year is out, got started? — not to mention there will be one odd person left out of a conversation unless the dinner happens to be hosted by... I don't know, say: SATAN.  Speaking of which,  a Devil's Dozen used by witches has 13 as opposed to 12 as a parody of the 12 disciples of Jesus (guilty as charged).

Well, those are my thoughts on this beautiful Friday the 13th.  Enjoy yours, Peace on Earth and good luck to you and yours...

Dr. TVBoogie


When The Earth's Poles Switch, Where Does That Leave Us?

March 5, 2015
Dana Dovey
Displayed with permission from Medical Daily

If the expression “history repeats itself” holds any truth, then Earth is due for a pole reversal any day now, with a recent report suggesting it may occur in our lifetime. Pole reversals are natural and in reality a far cry from what’s depicted in natural disaster films. However, when the poles do change again it’ll be rather hard to miss. Here’s what to expect if you get to witness our next polar flip.

In a nutshell, the core of the Earth is basically a giant magnet, and every few hundreds of thousands of years the South Pole becomes the North Pole and vice versa. This flip does not mean that the planet necessarily turns topsy-turvy, but rather that the invisible magnetic field surrounding Earth changes direction, causing your compass to point south rather than north. The pole change will have the biggest effect on our power grids and communication systems, but researchers predict that the human body may experience some of the effects of the reverse as well. 

The Earth’s magnetic field takes between 1,000 and 10,000 years to reverse, LiveScience reported. However, it’s during this transition period that humans will be subjected to the most noticeable changes. Some will be harmless (and amazing) such as the aurora borealis being visible in Hawaii and Venezuela rather than the Arctic and Alaska, as reported by The Huffington Post. Others will be slightly less pleasant.

As the poles slowly flip, the magnetic field begins to progressively lose its strength. Although the Earth is also protected by the atmosphere, with a weakened magnetic field the planet will be slightly more susceptible to blasts of radiation from the sun. Coronal mass ejections (CME) occur occasionally toward the direction of the Earth, and changing poles may increase their effect on our planet. "Some of the particles associated with CMEs can be blocked by Earth's magnetic field. With a weak field, this shielding is less efficient," John Tarduno, professor of geophysics at the University of Rochester told LiveScience.

Without the magnetic field, more particles would be able to penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere, causing holes in the ozone layer. These holes in the ozone layer would be temporary, but during this time humans would be at an increased risk for developing skin cancer, Tarduno explained.

While scientists debate over the severity of solar radiation that Earth would be exposed to during a pole change, it’s also important to keep in mind that modern sun screen is capable of protecting against most radiation given off from the sun.

Many animals are sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field and rely on geomagnetism to aid in navigation.  During the reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field it’s possible that animals such as bees, salmon, turtles, whales, pigeons, and even bacteria, could become disorientated, but seeing as Dr. Sten Oldenwald, an astronomer at the National Institute of Aerospace explained that these shifts have occurred at least 170 times in Earth’s history, it's likely these animals will be able to find their way again.

Although humans do not rely on the Earth’s magnetic field as heavily to help with navigation as many animals do, many scientists have found a correlation between human mental health and changes in magnetism. It’s been observed that during geomagnetic storms, when animals lose their sense of direction humans exhibit a different type of change, and depression and suicides will increase. However, what exactly would happen to human’s mental state during a magnetic reversal remains unknown. 

Whenever the polar reverse does happen, it's likely to take a very very long time to complete.

"Such a flip is not instantaneous but would take many hundred if not a few thousand years," Rune Floberghagen, mission manager of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) satellite array Swarm, told LiveScience.

In that time, we’re likely to have become prepared for its effects on our health, and in a world where people are dying from the caramel coloring in soda, it may be that the poles changing are the very least of our worries.


Gunman disrupts news demanding airtime to expose New World Order

Former classmates of a teen who stormed the studios of Dutch national TV demanding airtime before being arrested described him on Friday as a "normal guy", but one fascinated by conspiracy theories.

"Clever, pleasant and a bit of a loner, but certainly not a crazy guy," one of the 19-year-old's former classmates at Delft Technical University told the daily Algemeen Dagblad.

Another former classmate told the NOS public broadcaster, where the drama played off, that the teen, seemingly normal, had a rich imagination and was "often in his own world."

"In recent years he was interested in conspiracy theories involving the Free Masons and a 'new world order'," the student said.

The man, a first-year student at Delft Technical University, forced his way into a studio at the NOS broadcaster's headquarters in the city of Hilversum Thursday evening waving what turned out to be a fake pistol and demanding airtime.

He claimed to represent a hackers' collective.

He was quickly overpowered by police and offered no resistance.


Codex Gigas: The Devil's Bible.

Okay boys and girls, it is time we spoke of that great holy book which was once called the Eight Wonder of the World.  Yes, the Codex Gigas, or better known: The Devil’s Bible. 

A lot has been researched and written on this book, but the facts will really never be known.  What is known is that the book was written by a single scribe around the 13th century in Bohemia (modern day Czech Republic.  The folk lore is that a monk was sentenced to death Edgar Allen Poe style by being walled up alive behind a cement wall brick-by-brick — apparently that really happened.  The monk pleaded for his life and made a deal with the church that he would write the most holy of holy books in one night, and if he did so, they would have to agree to let him live. 

The story goes that the church agreed and this crazed monk wrote feverishly through the night until around midnight when he realized he could never finish it on his own and so, spat on the cross and made a deal with the Devil and by morning, the Codex Gigas was ready. 

The book itself is about the size of a suitcase.
It is written in Latin and as far as I know has never been translated into English.  The research I’ve done states that it begins with a transcription of the original Bible and then goes into a book of spells and chants with the most notable pages hosting a picture of a droll looking devil on the right and a coded text for heaven on the left.

It is highly unlikely that it was written in one night, but has been proven that is was written by a single scribe and probably took around 25 to 30 years to write. Most researchers agree that it was a monk called Herman the Recluse who was sworn to isolation as his penance. 

A word to the wise, however, if you have a chance to own this book, don’t: it seems to have been cursed from its earliest years where the monastery that originally kept it failed and had to sell it to an emperor known as The Mad Alchemist (Rudolf II) who went Bible crazy and lost his thrown.

Today this mysterious book sits in the National Library of Sweden.   And I for one, have no intentions on visiting it.

Call me cautious. 

Dr. TVBoogie. 

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!