September 5, 2014

Sympathetic Magic

I watched an episode of Hercule Poirot last night and in this particular episode, there was a woman who used a voodoo doll to cast a spell on woman she hated.  Well, this is very dangerous for one to do for as we all know, spells come back to us in threes.  And yes, this particular woman is murdered by the killer which really is a useless murder in the plot of the story.  So, as we have stated before, Hercule Poirot is an occult friendly crime solver -- or at least Agatha Christie was.   This, however, is not a post on Poirot, but on the the very simple magic we know as a voodoo doll.

What a voodoo doll represents is a simple form of magic known as “Sympathetic Magic” — be still my beating heart:  I love the sound of those words together.  But I digress.  And, Sympathetic Magic is the form of magic between two objects or operations whereas, by altering or performing one the magician hopes to influence the other.  Hence, if an image of one’s own enemy modeled in wood, wax, or even drawn in sand is injured, a corresponding injury will afflict that enemy.  Similarly, doors are opened in the house of confinement to ease the child’s delivery.  Such practices, which are widespread and varied, are also known as imitative magic.  Sometimes the sympathetic link between objects is one of proximity or possession — contagious magic.  An object closely connected to a person, such as a lock of hair or an article of clothing, can be used in spells against them too, just remember, if the intent is aggressive, it will most certainly not be a good idea for your karma.  And so, my suggestion is to let the natural laws of the universe handle it.  You’ll be much better off.  However, if a person is a real threat in your life, say, an abusive husband, black-mailer, etc., well, stick a fucking pin in them, now!


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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!