Kissing Babies, Slip and Falls, and the 4th Dimension -- all in a day's work.

 Not much to write about today, how 'bout you? 

More senseless killings by another Conservative (read the news, I'm not interested in recanting the violence in Atlanta and Colorado.)  Okay, so we know the Atlanta guy was a Man-of-Faith killer, but we don't know about the guy in Colorado yet,  so we'll wait and see, but I will go out on a limb now and say he's not Antifa.  The only reason I raise this issue is that according to Fox News it's a result of the Union Bomber.  

So, if we find out the Colorado was left-leaning at all, I'll update you; speaking of which, what's good for the Goose is good for the Gander and so, I have to report on how President Biden is making some of my silly Republican GIF look serious.  Case in point. 

Years ago I posted this GIF on Creepy Ted Cruz kissing a baby:                                                               

Then I see this Creepy Biden kissing a baby:

 Okay, Cruz's is definitely creepier because, well, she's a little girl not a baby!

Then of course there was the Mike Pence Slip-and-Fall:

Which has now been topped by the Biden Slips-and-Falls:

Yes, we're all in this together, and both sides do things stupid things.  

Now, for something completely different, the Fourth Dimension. 


Guns Shots and Tax The Rich, It's Time.


Woke up this morning to four gun shots.  Being raised in Detroit I knew what to do, duck and cover away from the windows until you hear the police, then if no more shots, threat over.  No police today.  My condo here in Dallas was built in to 60's before gated entries were a thing, and so we get hit all the time; mostly it is just people checking for unlocked doors to see what they can get.   Over the last years it has progressed to breaking in to get sun glasses and other items of worth.  For the record: it gets worse every year no matter who is president.  

Yesterday I went to the old Farmers Market in Dallas to get some fruit.  The market used to be isles of tin sheds with Mexican farmers offering samples of fresh strawberries and oranges that make my mouth water today.  Now most of the sheds are gone and so are the farmers.  There are a few organic fruit booths hosted by well-groomed millennials, but no farmers, oranges or strawberries, just edible soap, snobby tee-shirts, and smoothies galore.  Yep, the Farmer's Market in Dallas is now the Bourgeois Market of Tomorrow, and the area is now filled with high-rise condos, manicured pets, and over-priced coffee shops.  That's what it looks like on the surface, but a few blocks away in the remains of the old Farmer's Market, there is a different story: a hundred homeless people with lazy limbs wondering if they will ever eat again, some, looking for a place to shower before their McDonald's afternoon shift.  This isn't the homeless, this is the working poor, displaced, suckers, whatever you want to call them.  They missed the starting gun in the race, or got hooked on a drug with no Betty Ford clinic money to help them get off.  Whatever their reason, there is no human welfare system to help them, for a human welfare system that works takes tax money.  Tax money the rich refuse to pay.  It really is that simple.

Use to be, you might see a handful of homeless here in Dallas.  I'm old enough to remember that.  That was back in the 80's, before years of tax-cuts for the rich and corporate welfare for the MBA Stud took its toll.  Funny, if you listen to the conservative talk they still blame the poor for the problem.  You think they would wise up by now.  I've seen it my whole life, from when Ronald Reagan said a person who is honorably discharged from the military can no longer get unemployment because he left his/her job, to Newt Gingrich and his pals taxing social security and unemployment benefits, all while they were cutting taxes for Football Team Owners, Trump Ltd Inc., and Jeffrey Epstein.  Reagan and the Republican Light, Clinton, cut social programs to offset tax cuts.  At least back then, they did try to offset the tax cuts, since George Bush they just cut the taxes and increased spending on war and corporate bailouts.  It's a crazy mess that will not end until the rich pay their fucking bill.  The trickle down profits they have been hording for years isn't theirs, it is ours,  and it is time we demand it.  

So I'll receive the comments on this post as I do the others, that I'm full of shit and don't know what I'm talking about.  The problem is liberal welfare, bla, bla, bla.  I now know what it must have felt like being a conservative man/woman in the groovy 60's with peace rallies and free love.  The funny thing is that back then, I was what you would call a conservative.  I knew the war was bullshit but enlisted in the Navy because that's what my conservative family did.  I also believed in less government, but also, a worker's right to organize.   All conservatives did, but then they started the lies that unions were breaking the system, when the problem wasn't the workers making a good living, it was the top executives raiding the profits with exorbitant million-dollar bonuses instead of using the money to retool their products to compete with the Japanese.  Paying a worker a fair wage has never been a problem.  The money auto workers made in the 60's was put back in the economy and caused growth galore in the economy.  Then the 80's happened and worker's wages had to be cut at the expense of... wait for it... TAX CUT FOR THE RICH.  Which really begs the questions: why do they hate a worker making a living wage so much?  Why?  Why do they hate the fact that a worker should make $15.00 an hour flipping burgers at a McDonald's burger joint?  What are they afraid of?  

Their argument is that everything will cost more. Hello, what do you think tax-cuts for the rich does to our economy?  It takes money out of the school system, roads, etc.  Since the rich stopped paying for our roads by supporting their profitable tollways, we pay more in license fees.  It's a tax given to us in secret, but know that when the wealthy paid their fair share, our roads were free and better, the envy of the world...  



So the police have arrived and no more gun shots.  I can stop typing now.  I'm safe.

~~ Dr TV Boogie

It's March 5th and Trump is Not President!

 It's March 5th and guess what... Trump is not president.  That's right, the QAnon quacks keep spreading lies through the Fox News/Rush Limbaugh (rip) hate networks and reality keeps proving them wrong.  The QAnon quacks said Trump would be appointed president on March 4th because March 4th is the day we use to begin a new president's term.  It didn't happen.

These conservative clowns who really aren't conservative at all, have their narrow perspective news feed and only listen to the extreme nuts likes Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson who choose to deal in hate rather than facts.  They hate everything that happens for regular people.  They believe the only people who should benefit from government are the wealthy and corporations, any other consideration is a Liberal Conspiracy. Truth is there is no liberal conspiracy.  We liberals aren't interested in power, we are interested in ideas.  Ideas like, food and shelter for all, healthcare for all, and of course, a fair wage for all.  Ideas which Hannity and Carlson call "liberal plots to control the world."  Truth is, these are very conservative ideas of taking care of people.  

That's all I got to say today.  My cancer surgery went good and I am now a lung-cancer survivor.  

I wish you all the best.  

 ~~ Dr TV Boogie 

Brrrr. Deregulation Chills in Texas.

Deregulation Chills In Texas.

So I’m in Texas freezing my ass off because my electricity has been out for three days.  The reason is “deregulation.”  Yep, “Deregulation,” that thing the Republicans have been pushing down our throats to get power out of the hands of We The People, and into the hands We The Rich. Ronald Reagan gave us our first look at deregulation by deregulating the banking system which ended up costing We The People a shit load of money after the S&L Crisis of 1988.  If you don’t remember the S&L Crisis I’ll just remind you that it cost the tax-payers billions to bail out the failed banks who took advantage of deregulation and instead of doing loans as they were designed, started doing things with insurance products and stock options which still can’t be defined. The bottom line is the rich bastards walked away with their profits and we paid their bill.  Yep, Deregulation. 

Electricity use to be a government program, but deregulation allowed it not to be.  Plain and simple.  Rich Boy Investors took over the job and made lots of money, for in Gods Country, that’s all that matters.  Of course they were more worried about their profit margins and so instead of spending the money it took to be ready for a once in a lifetime event like we are presently experience here in Texas, they said, “Fuck it, let them freeze if they think they are cutting into my profits.”

So here we are in Texas and the governor who should be solving the electrical grid shutdown is doing... well... nothing but blaming it on the liberals. WTF! Instead of confronting the problem with truth and facts, it’s blame, blame, blame... which is meant to take the focus off of the criminal We The Rich profiteers who still have electricity in their homes.  

Texas Gov. Greg Abbot blames wind turbines, Green New Deal policies for outages.... 

Enough is enough.  It’s time we protect the people, not We The Rich profits.  

                   So, so, cold. 

~~ Dr TV Boogie

Another Day With Cancer



Sorry I've not written in a few weeks, but I've been watching the sun come through my west window with glee every afternoon.  It's something you do when you have cancer.  You look at everything and see its beauty.  The sounds of the little kid riding the big-wheel scooter he got for Christmas has been fun too.  I've even enjoyed hearing a Republican woman I've worked with for years complain about how the new president Joe Biden has signed so many new executive orders in his first week of presidency.  In the past that would have bugged the leftist-liberal-medical-care-for-all liberal in me to no ends.  Now I smiled and enjoyed her words, for her closed-minded negativity reminds me I'm alive.  

On a brighter note, the football player they are calling the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) won anohter Super-Bowl yesterday; which reminds me of lyrics I heard in my youth from a local Punk Rock Band, the spiked-hair guy with heavy eye-makeup sang:  

                "Situation normal: all fucked up!" 

Congratulations GOAT quarterback.  May the devils of luck continue to shine on for you.  


Oh, got to go, here comes the sun! 



~~ Dr TV Boogie

Happy Inauguration Day 2021: Ding Dong, He's Gone!

  No peace-loving, freedom seeking, equality and justice for all champion can deny this is a great day.  Case in point:  President Donald Trump, the master of lies and hate, is leaving office.  Hurray, hurray, the evil one is gone.

 Funny this day should give us our first palindrome for a presidential Inauguration Day ever (a palindrome is a word, verse, sentence, or number that reads the same backward and forward).  The next inauguration that falls on a palindrome won't be until Jan. 20, 3021, a thousand years.  Something special is happening.  

Also on this day:

In 1327 Edward II, king of England, is forced from power by his wife, Eleanor of Castille.

Elanor of Castille


In 1649, following the English Civil War, King Charles I is tried for treason. 

King Charles I

  Finally, and definitely poetic justice, in 1986 the federal holiday to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr, is observed for the first time. 



My Death Poem


It's funny, faced with death from multiple tumors in my body, 

I laugh

 I laugh at the silliness of it all

The silliness of worrying about everything from love

to death

And how 

I wanted what I wouldn't have

Never appreciating

what I had.

I wanted out

I wanted out of the black snow of Detroit

I wanted out of a cubicle job

I wanted out of my marriage

I wanted out of my limits

I wanted out of everything I had 

for that which I would never have 

And now, 

instead of wanting out of this dying body

I want out of death

~~ a poem written by Dr TV Boogie

“What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”


Ahh yes, tables have turned and now the Democrats will be in control of everything as the Republicans have in one way or the other for the last 25 years.  I know what you're thinking:  what about the two Democrat presidents and those 2 years we had the congress under Obama.  Answer is:  they still had the Senate and the Senate is everything.  Also, President Obama tried to pleasure the Republicans with happy endings by trying to find middle ground with them; when we all know there is no middle ground with Fascist.  And then, the Democrat before Obama, Bill Clinton, was a Republican light and did nothing for liberal causes other than Don't Ask Don't Tell

Tables have turned and as the old bible prophecy goes:  "What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander."  In other words it is our turn to say Fuck You to the other side and push our programs.  No more Republican Light shit.  We want:

1. A fair wage for all workers: $15.00 minimum wage. 

2. Healthcare for all. 

3. Free public college like we had before the Republican-light Clinton's and Fascist Republicans cut that shit. 

4. Diversity training for all Cops with Hate Crime penalties when they shoot someone "Accidentally."  It's wrong.  Cops are like pilots and need to know that if they are going to shoot an innocent person, then they just crashed their own plane.  

5.  Tax the Rich back to their tax rates under Ronald Reagan.  That's right, if the tax rate they were paying was good enough for Reagan, than it is ENOUGH!  Stop cutting their fucking taxes while increasing our fees.  For you young ones, all these fees you pay in tolls for private highways, license fees on your car, tuition fees on books, insurance fees for high school sports, were all to make up for the loss tax revenues from cutting taxes for the rich.  That's right, any tax cuts for the rich is made up in fees or sales taxes to you and me.

In conclusion: over the next two years the Republicans will cry foul because they aren't getting their way.  Boo Hoo.  Remember the shit they've done in the last 25 years.  They shut down the government on Bill Clinton to cut spending, but gladly increased spending for George Bush and Donald Rump -- opppssss, I forgot the T.  They forced more tax cuts for the rich in order to give Obama enough votes for his healthcare program hoping it would fail and millions wouldn't be allowed healthcare due to preexisting conditions.  And of course, they wouldn't allow Obama to appoint a vacant seat in the Supreme Court with 9 months left in his term, but when the seat came open for Trump with only 2 months left in his term they pushed through Trump's pick. 

They have been bitch-slapping us like prison punks for 25 years now.  Enough is Enough: “What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

~~ Dr TV Boogie


Put Down Your Hate and Join Us.

 Hold on to your seats boys and girls, there's going to be plenty of action in the final days of Trumpism as our prayers for Truth and Justice are being answered.  I was serving a group of conservative lawyers here in Texas who I know were big Trump supporters in the past and they were talking about how all the Proud-Boy-Qanon-White-Supremacist who attacked our capital this week should be arrested.  The tides are turning.  Finally!

Here at I'm trying to make sense of it all and the only thing I know to do is to continue ignoring the crazy of the White Supremacist Pretending NOT TO BE and point out to them that THEY ARE WRONG, and we love them and so please put down your hate and join us. 

Having said that, I will try to talk to White Supremacist the best way I know: sports.  More precisely, Fantasy Sports.  In doing so I have created three Fantasy Basketball teams in tonight's pool of basketball games.  

The first one is the White Team composed of randomly selected white players only:

The second team is the Black Team, composed of randomly selected black players:


And the third team is a mixed team of combined players from the both (note, I had to replace some to make the salaries work, but did so randomly by color of skin, just as the White Supremacist judge everything they do). 


Now, if I were a betting person, and obviously I am...

Well, let's just wait and see what happens.

Join me tomorrow when we look at the numbers.


~~ from the iBook of Dr TV Boogie

For Sale, My Ouija Board!

Okay, so for those of you who understand how some Esoteric Objects can protect themselves, I have an item for you.  For Sale, My Ouija Board...

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!