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For Sale, My Ouija Board!

Okay, so for those of you who understand how some Esoteric Objects can protect themselves, I have an item for you.  For Sale, My Ouija Board. Happy Bidding. 

I don't normally advertise items that I sell on my withinfilm account on eBay, but today I am compelled to because, well, just because... or should I say, "...because the sky is blue... trees are green...." Dang, my bedroom poet side is showing again, sorry, back to the subject at hand. 

Around 2009 -- when I was still making bad movies -- I was walking into this thrift store and as I was entering, I thought, "There is going to be a Quija Board here."  And there was.  That's right, a Parker Brothers Glow-In-The-Dark Quija board.  And so I bought it.  Now, having been raised a Christian I thought it was Satanic so never touched it; I did, however, use it in a short film called "Empty Boxes."  That short was about a Mannequin (which is also for sale) that comes to life from the power of a Ouija board.  Yes, another terrible film by Dr TV Boogie.  

After shooting that film, I left the Quija board on the table, not sure why.  A few days later, fire, Fire, FIRE!!!  I live in a 4 Plex and so there was a bad fire which totally destroyed the 2 units beside me, as well as smoke and water damage to the unit above me.  My unit, no problem, clean as a whistle.  When I came to look at the damage a few days later, my condo smelled a little smoky, but that was it.  And in the middle of the room was that Quija board, dry, clean, and safe;  wow, Wow! WOW!

Now, the big question is, did the Quija board burn the units around me or did it just protect itself.  


Anyway, I have learned in my Nichiren Buddhist faith that there are evil spirits around, as well as good ones -- that's right folks, there is a Buddhist faith for the Pagan and Witches out there who want to get out of darkness and into the light of Buddha.

Maybe I should advertise the Quija Board under home security.  Hmmm....

June is gone and July is here: isn't that special.


July is a special month for special people for special reasons.

To begin with, July 4th is the day that the USA gained its independence from the British Empire.  Now if that isn't special, I don't know what is. 


Americans Revolt

Another special thing about July regarding my Nichiren faith, is that on July 3rd of 1945 a leader of the Soka Gakkai (Josei Toda) was released from prison after refusing to give up his Buddhist faith during the Japanese militarist authorities. 

And finally, it was in July of 1921 that Mao Zedong and a dozen other delegates gathered together in secret to form a new political party. That's right, the Chinese communist party...


oppsss, sorry, anytime I mention Mao Zedong my computer crashes and I get this message from the Republican Party asking for a donation?... Not sure what that means. 

That's it for today. 

June if gone and July is here.  

Another Dream (486)

For those of you who think dreams are bullshit, here's more truth that they are not -- at least from the mind of this Nichiren Buddhist. 

 I have been dating this beautiful woman from China for over a month now, and well, I said, I Love You.  It was only a matter of time for me to do this for you see, I sometimes speak from emotion which is never good.  I should have learned by now not to speak from emotion because, well, you see, I am a poet. 

The rain came and I laughed

The sun came and I... cried. 

~~ Li Kairui

 See that was a poem I wrote under my new name, Li Kairui, but I'll cover that at another time.  Today we are talking about dream number 486.  Hold on to your seats boys and girls, here are the details:

Oh no! Not love!
What you say?

Last night I dreamed I was on a bus with my Chinese girlfriend to go see her deceased husband.  Her deceased husband, her and I three were together on the bus, smiling, wondering.  What does it mean?

Well, boys and girls, it means that I am connected to her deceased husband.  You see, he died around the same time that I was in surgery to have the cancer tumor removed from my lung.  Seems to me that he died at this time and she game into my life at this time for a reason.  I know, I know!!!  I am a dreamer.  Well, yes I am. And so I believe he loved her so much that he helped bring us together from the other side.  

Today is the 100 day after his death.  In China this is a special day.  My Chinese girlfriend has allowed me to go with her.  I have a Chinese silver dollar to leave on his grave.  This morning I chanted that he give us a sign that he is happy with us being together.  Let's see what happens. 

 Stay tuned.

My Chinese Girlfriend.



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Thanks For Being!