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This magazine seeks to present themes that will cause its readers to stop and think. We aim to teach Truth, regardless of creed or precedent, and hereby disavow allegiance to form or dogma that tends to guide the Truth-seeker through paths circuitous.

We recognize the important niche which religious and educational organizations fill in the mind of civilized man, and while we know that these great adjuncts to enlightenment and progress are far below their intended plane of usefulness, yet we realize that the fault rests not wholly with them, but with the masses, unfitted to receive their benefits or appreciate their teachings. Unfitted, because of their inability to think for themselves.

The Esoteric labors to correct this weakness in man's nature, and seeks to bring him to a consciousness of the life within; to show him the fallacy and sin of combat and struggle with his fellow ; in fine to bring about that New Order of living, to which selfishness, anger, anxiety, and a host of the evils of to-day, are strangers.

One of our definite and clearly outlined objects is this : To encourage each reader in study and thought in that field of research to which he is, by capacity and preference, best adapted. When one line of study has been mastered ; when one trade, art, or science, has been learned as thoroughly as the knowledge of this age can teach it, then may the Searcher for Light expect Illumination, and a speedy comprehension of other branches. This is true inspiration, and it never misleads, for it is weighed and measured by a mind from which error has been eradicated. Within such a mind there is no room for evil. Crimes are not committed by those who have systematically striven for knowledge, and for correct moral concepts.

Evil-minded men and women are not those who study for mental and moral improvement. People with high intellectual and moral endowment cannot voluntarily do injury to a fellow being.

Give to every person a true desire for knowledge, and our law-makers will have no further employment ; our penitentiaries mil be tenant-less.

Progressive minds throughout the world are invited to co-operate in this, our work of love.

Our methods of uplifting humanity and guiding man to his highest goal are not considered perfect, nor do we hope to escape that censure and opposition which every effort to benefit mankind receives. This, however, will not detract from our efforts to unselfishly aid our fellow beings.

(Introduction from "The Esoteric Magazine" June 1889.)

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!