esoteric look at today

 An esoteric look at things today:  Scientist keep finding new continents, a few months ago they found Zealandia, not to be confused with... Zoolander. 


This past weekend they found Greater Adria in the Mediterranean which just might be, wait for it, Atlantis!  

This is good news for those of us who knew Atlantis was more than just a fictional myth.  

In other esoteric news, on this day in 1928 the Republican R. Babson said "if a Democrat is elected there will be a depression."  Of course, this scared the shit out of voters much as Republicans are scaring the shit out of voters today by calling Bernie Sanders a "Socialist"; and, back in 1928 it worked and so the democrat lost the depression and the Republican president Hoover cut taxes and ushered in our first great depression.  Lesson learned here:  vote for Bernie: f--kk em!

That's is for today boys and girls.

~ Dr TV Boogie

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