Brett Kavanaugh -- who me? and some Buddha cleansing.

On this day in 1981, Sandra Day O'connor was sworn in on the Supreme Court.  She was the first woman justice, and get this, appointed by the conservative president Ronald Reagan.  She is now considered a liberal.   

Can someone please correct this Right-Wing madness!   The guy just appointed by Donald Trump (Brett {who me?} Kavanaugh) says he never had sex until he was out of college.   He said that because he has been charged with trying to rape a woman when in high school.   This may or may not be true, what is true, the guy believes Richard Nixon should not have been impeached, and totally wants to outlaw abortion.  This is why the Right-Wing Madmen are chomping to have him placed on the court, the court, which if really represented the will of the people, would not have a guy like this even considered.  

Just as there are still 30 percent of French citizens who think the Napoleon was a great dictator, 30 percent of Germans who think Hitler had a point, the 30 percent of the US voting populace has control of everything.  

If we all vote this will change.  

On to better days. 

Just for the record, I wish Donald Trump's appointee good luck and send him love and hope he finds the truth. 

Here's why:

When the Buddha finally arouse, his 

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