Barbara Streisand sucks, I knew it all along!

My instincts are good, and well, thank you Barbara Streisand for confirming mine about you.  You suck!  

I don't know what it is but I've never liked the woman.  Oh, she supports the same liberal causes I do and we both had Jewish fathers, but, well, that's it.  I've never liked the way she talked, walked, sang, looked, sounded, etc.  I never admitted it and never knew why, I just didn't. Today, however, I know why.  

Streisand came out today and said the victims of Michael Jackson's molestations were not victims because they wanted it.  Well, their parents wanted it and the kids were glad to be there. 

If this doesn't ruin Streisand's Upper East Side Manhattan career, nothing will.  

Another example of Wealthy People Fucking Us Over And Then Telling Us To Get Over It.   I mean, the guy wasn't even a priest!


You don't think?...  Nahhhhh....

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!