The White House press secretary, Scary Sanders says Donald Trump is the first to point out crime against the press.   We all know he isn't.  Is this alternate reality the results of Fox News being allowed to say they are Fair and Balanced when we know they're not.   A lot of this 'Alternate Reality' comes from their life's I'm sure.  I've been in Christian homes where they act really nice while praying at the dinner table, only to feel hate for people who are different.  People like me who crew up Christian and really tried to follow it buy as I learned more and more about their true hearts and use of the church to support people like Donald Trump, grew tired of it and could no longer hold onto the myth.  Oh I tried to stay with it and make Jesus in to a New Age Angel and then went as far as to study the Gnostic bibles.  In the end I found the Buddhist path more welcoming.  Have you ever wondered why they're aren't Buddhist missionaries trying to convert other people to their faith?  I have, and in the end it is the reason I'm a Buddhist.  That, and well, Sarah Sanders isn't.  

In the end, it is all Zen.  Fair and Zen reporting.  

New Saying:  That's Sarah Sanders Spooky Man.  

Share in peace.

~~ Dr. Boogie

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!